Source: CharterS752

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King Edgar to Chertsey Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land, consisting of 5 hides (mansae) at Chertsey and 10 hides (cassati) at Thorpe, 20 at Egham with Englefield, 5 at Chobham with Busseleghe, Frensham and Frimley, 10 (mansiones) at Petersham, 30 at Sutton with swine-pastures at Thunderfield Castle, 20 at Cheam with swine-pastures in the Weald [and the charter which Edgar had bought from Eadwine for 50 mancuses], 10 at Waddington, 20 at Coulsdon, 20 at Merstham, 10 at Chipstead with Chaldon, 10 at Banstead with Suthemeresfelda (cf. Canon's Farm in Banstead), 20 at Epsom, 12 at Bookham, 10 at (East) Clandon, 20 at Cobham with Pointers (in Cobham), 5 at Byfleet with Weybridge, all in Surrey; 10 at (White) Waltham, Berks.; and 20 at Molesey, Surrey [which King Eadwig unjustly gave to Old Minster, Winchester, and which were retrieved by Edgar and Bishop Ęthelwold].

Charter information
Sawyer 752
Birch 1195
Kemble 532
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Chertsey
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 967
Scholarly Source Dating 967


*Stevenson 1914, p. 703; PN Hunts., pp. 222-3, Suthmeresfeld is the lost Summerfield (now Canon's Farm) in Banstead, Surrey; PN Berks., i. 70; Rumble 1976, pp. 167-9, on place-name forms; Gelling, ECTV, no. 331 (pp. 56, 159), spurious, some information probably derived from pre-Conquest records, cf. no. 337; Whitelock, EHD, p. 371, St Paul's and Chertsey must have combined to produce spurious documents; Scharer 1982, p. 137, spurious; Fleming 1985, p. 260; Dumville 1992, p. 52, spurious, discusses history of certain estates; cf. S 1053, and S 453 from St Paul's