Source: CharterS233

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(a) Cędwalla, king of the (West) Saxons, to Ecgbald, abbot, and his familia; grant of 40 hides (manentes) at Hoo (ad Hebureahg insulam), Kent. (b) Swęfheard, king of Kent, to Ecgbald, abbot; grant of adjoining 20 hides at Hoo and woodland at Fercanhamstede. (c). Confirmation by Ęthelred, king of Mercia.

Charter information
Sawyer 233
Birch 89
Kemble 40
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Peterborough
Source Information
Language Latin
Scholarly Source Dating 687 x 691


*Stubbs 1861/1, p. 204, spurious; Stenton 1933, pp. 323-4, possibly a post-Conquest fabrication using a number of short, early and authentic charters (= Stenton 1970, pp. 189-91); Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 19-21, 93, on place-names, Hebureahg is Avery Farm, All Hallows and Fercanhamstede is Hamptons, near Tonbridge; Cox 1976, pp. 22, 23, 33, 35, on place-names; Whitelock 1976, pp. 143-4, on witnesses; Whitelock, EHD, p. 18 n., composite charter; Scharer 1982, pp. 84-5, fabrication; Brooks 1984, pp. 183, 205; Wormald 1985, p. 26, unreliable later copy, possibly genuine elements; Yorke 1985, pp. 20, 29, 33, on East Saxon dimensions; Edwards 1988, pp. 300-5, fabrication ultimately based on authentic 7th-century material; Kelly, St Augustine's, p. lxxix n. 27