Source: CharterS1248

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(? Eorcenwald), bishop, to (? St Mary's, Barking); grant of 28 hides (manentes) at Battersea, 20 at Watsingaham (i.e. Washingham, lost, in Battersea) and 20 (cassatae) by Hidaburna (the river Wandle), all in Surrey. The land had been granted to him by Cędwalla, king of the West Saxons, and confirmed by Ęthelred, king of the Mercians.

Charter information
Sawyer 1248
Birch 82
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Westminster
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 13th June 693
Scholarly Source Dating 693


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Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Hart, Cyril Roy The Early Charters of Barking Abbey Colchester 1953 20-1