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King Cnut to Godwine; grant of 5 hides (mansae) at Lytlacotan.

Charter information
Sawyer 983
Birch ---
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used  
Archive(s) Thorney
Source Information
Language Latin
Scholarly Source Dating 1016 x 1035


Hart, ECEE, pp. 207-9, authentic but incomplete; Whitelock, EHD, p. 378, on a formula; Keynes 1980, p. 27 n. 39, p. 28 n. 46; Keynes 1994/1, p. 52 n. 51, probably spurious; cf. S 936, a version of the same charter with a different donor


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The Early Charters of Eastern England Hart, Cyril Roy The Early Charters of Eastern England Leicester 1966 206-7