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Source Information
Author Aldhelm
Source Title Ecclesiastical Poems
Language Latin


*The title is an editorial one employed by Ehwald to describe five tituli, verses composed by Aldhelm commemorating various churches and altars.
*The verses 'were apparently not issued by Aldhelm as a single collection' (Lapidge and Rosier 1985, p. 35).
*Carmen ecclesiasticum I is on the 'church of SS. Peter and Paul. Faricius assumed this assumed that it referred to the church in Rome but William of Malmesbury records that Aldhelm rebuilt the pre-existing church at Malmesbury and dedicated it to the two saints. For possible dates, see Lapidge and Rosier 1985, p. 38.
*Carmen ecclesiasticum II is on the 'Church of St Mary the Perpetual Virgin'. William of Malmesbury records that Aldhelm deddicated a second church at Malems bury to the Virgin Mary. Lapidge and Rosier 1985, p. 39, note that 'the titulus may have been intended for this church' but 'certainty is not possible' because dedications to the Virgin were common and Aldhelm himself dedicated at least one other church to her (at Bruton in Somerset).
*Carmen ecclesiasticum III, 'On the Church of St Mary built by Bugga', see Lapidge and Rosier 1985, pp. 40-1 for the problems of identifying Bugga, her church and the dating of the poem.
*Carmen ecclesiasticum IV is on 'the Altars of the Twelve Apostle'. For further details on the work, see Lapidge and Rosier 1985, pp. 41-4. The latter note (p. 44) 'there is apparently no means of dating'.
*Carmen ecclesiasticum V, 'On St Matthias the Apostle', is regarded by Lapidge and Rosier 1985, p. 44, as a kind of appendix to the preceding poem and thay note (loc. cit.): 'It is unlikely, therefore, to have been iuntended as a titulus for an actual church or altar.'


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Aldhelmi opera Ehwald, Rudolfus (Rudolf) Aldhelmi opera Berlin 1919 11-32