Source: CharterS1392

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Lyfing, bishop of Worcester, to Æthelr[...]; lease, for three lives, of 5 hides (mansae) at Hill Croome and Baughton, Worcs., with reversion to the bishopric.

Charter information
Sawyer 1392
Birch ---
Kemble 760
British Academy ---
Source Used Kemble
Archive(s) Worcester
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 1038
Scholarly Source Dating 1038


Wanley, Catalogus, p. 302 (no. 20), gives name of beneficiary as Æthelred; Harmer, Writs, p. 574; Finberg, ECWM, no. 346, authentic, restores name of beneficiary to Æthelr[ic]; Hooke 1990, p. 343. Notes: Text refers to bounds, but these are missing.