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King Edward to Westminster Abbey; confirmation and grant of privileges and confirmation of land, consisting of (a) 17.5 hides (mansae) at Westminster, 20 at Hendon, 5 at Hampstead, 12 at Greenford, 8 at Hanwell, 5 at Shepperton, 7 at Sunbury, 2 at Cowley, Middx.; 5 at Brickendon, 10 at Aldenham, 5 at Datchworth and Watton-at-Stone, 6 at Holwell, Herts.; 5 at Kelvedon (?), 4 at Fanton in North Benfleet, Essex; 10 at Morden, Surrey; 2 at Ewell, Kent; 7 at Parham, 4 at Chillington in Eastbourne, 4 at West Chiltington, Sussex; 6 at Ham, 4 at Wennington, Essex; (b) Moulsham [granted by Leofcild], Kelvedon Hatch (?) [granted by Æthelric], Maplestead [granted by Wulfwine], Kelvedon, Rayne and Latchingdon [granted by Guthmund], Wanstead [granted by Ælfric], Paglesham [granted by Ingulph], Leyton [granted by Atsere Swearte], Essex; Claygate, Surrey [granted by Tostig]; Lessness, Kent [granted by Atsere]; Ickworth, Suffolk [granted by Brihtsige]; Denham [granted by Wulfstan], 1 hide at Amersham and 1 at Weedon, Bucks. [granted by Siward, monachus]; (c) and grant of land at Staines, Middx.; Windsor, Berks.; Wheathampstead, Stevenage, Ashwell, Herts.; Deene, Sudborough, Northants.; Islip, Launton, Oxon.; Perton, Staffs.; Rutland [after the death of Queen Edith]; Pershore, Worcs.; and Deerhurst, Gloucs.

Charter information
Sawyer 1040
Birch ---
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used Widmore, Enquiry
Archive(s) Westminster
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 1065
Scholarly Source Dating 1065


Harmer, Writs, pp. 290-2, spurious; Chaplais 1962, pp. 92-4, probably forged by Osbert de Clare (= 1981, XVIII pp. 92-4); Hart, ECEE, no. 118A, spurious; Hart, ECE, no. 69, spurious; Finberg, ECWM, no. 184 (pp. 79, 133), spurious; Brooke and Keir 1975, p. 369, forgery; Hart, ECNE, no. 29 (pp. 65, 100), spurious; Harvey 1977, pp. 24, 339, 342, 343, 346, 347, 355, 356, 360; Gelling, ECTV, no. 243 (pp. 68-9, 118, 144-5, 164), spurious.


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An Enquiry into the Time of the First Foundation of Westminster Abbey Widmore, R. An Enquiry into the Time of the First Foundation of Westminster Abbey London 1743 Appendix no.2