Source: CharterS1059

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King Edward to Peterborough Abbey; confirmation of an agreement concerning land at Scotton, Scotter and Manton, Lincs., acquired by the monk Brand and leased by him to his brother Askytel, with reversion after his death to Peterborough Abbey (when an estate at Northorpe, Lincs., is to be substituted for Manton).

Charter information
Sawyer 1059
Birch ---
Kemble 819
British Academy ---
Source Used Kemble
Archive(s) Peterborough
Source Information
Language Latin
Scholarly Source Dating 1061 x 1066


Stenton 1924, p. xli; Oleson 1955, p. 154, authentic; Lennard 1959, pp. 167-9, on background; Hart, ECEE, no. 159, not authentic, but transaction probably has a genuine basis.