Source: Textual EditionS1408

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Ealdred, bishop of Worcester, to the brethren of St Mary's, Worcester; grant of 3 hides at Teddington and Alstone, Gloucs., and a messuage (curtis) in Worcester.

Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 1052 x 1056


Atkins 1940, pp. 22-4; Robertson, Charters, p. 457, probably from 1051 x 1052; Oleson 1955, p. 155, authentic; Dyer and Clarke 1968-9, p. 29, on topography; Davies 1972, p. 477 n. 166, dubious; Finberg, ECWM, no. 170, authentic basis; Hooke 1980, pp. 40, 48; Hooke 1985, p. 119; Kennedy 1985, pp. 194-5, not authentic but may contain authentic material; Wormald 1988, no. 90; Baker and Holt 1996, p. 138, on estate; King 1996, pp. 115-16.

Notes: The land had been bequeathed to Worcester by Toki. Aki, Toki's son, tried to have the bequest set aside, but relinquished his claim in return for 8 marks of pure gold.