Source: CharterS1475

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Declaration that Ęthelwine, dean of Worcester, and Ordric, his brother, purchased 3 hides (cassati) at Condicote, Gloucs., and restored it to the monastery at Worcester.

Charter information
Sawyer 1475
Birch ---
Kemble 807
British Academy ---
Source Used  
Archive(s) Worcester
Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 1051 x 1053


Atkins 1940, p. 24, dates 1053; Ker 1948, pp. 59, 67-8, one of 13 charters, 'as a group untrustworthy'; Davies 1972, p. 477 n. 116, dubious; Finberg, ECWM, no. 167, authentic; HRH, p. 234, subscriptions consistent but not numerous, charter doubtful.