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Will of Thurstan, son of Wine, including bequests of land at Wimbish, Essex, to Christ Church, Canterbury; at Harlow, Essex (except the half hide at Ealing Bridge in Harlow which Ălfwine had), and Shouldham, Norfolk, to Bury St Edmunds; land at Wetheringsett, Suffolk, and at Knapwell, Cambs., to Ely abbey; land at Weston Colville, Cambs., to Ăthelswith, for life, with reversion to Ely; land at Shouldham, Norfolk, to Ramsey and St Benedict's at Holme; land at Borough Green, Cambs., to Ulfketel, if he outlives Thurstan, except a half hide at Westley Waterless and 1 hide at Dullingham (granted to Thurstan's servant, Viking); land in Norfolk and at Pentlow, Ashdon and Henham, Essex, to his wife Ăthelgyth (except land at Bromleg [possibly Bromley Barn in Widdington] and half a hide at Henham, to go to the local minsters); land at Kedington, Suffolk, to the priest Ălfwig and Thurstan's chaplains Thurstan and Ordheah; land at Little Dunmow, Essex, to Merewine and his family; and instructions that land at Bidicheseye (? Bottisham, Cambs.) was to be sold and payments made to a number of beneficiaries. With an additional section detailing further bequests, including the reversion of land at Henham, Essex, to Ăthelswith and then to Ely abbey; a half hide at Ongar, Essex, to Thurgot, his servant; a half hide and a haga near Marden Ash in High Ongar, Essex, to Merewine; and a half hide to Swegn.

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Sawyer 1531
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Scholarly Source Dating 1043 x 1045


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Notes: Issued in triplicate, with copies kept by Bury St Edmunds, Ely and the household of the testator.