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List of benefactions to Gloucester Abbey, including 120 hides at Beaminster and Portland, Dorset; land at Oddington and Badgeworth, Gloucs. [granted by King Æthelbald, in recompense for having struck Æthelmund, son of his kinsman ‘Orwald’]; 20 hides at Arle and Pinswell, Gloucs., acquired by Abbess Eafe]; 60 hides at Coln St Aldwyn, Gloucs. [granted to Gloucester by Ealdred, subregulus of the Hwicce]; 10 hides at Fairford, Gloucs. [granted by King Burgred pro libertate queorum eius tributariorum]; land at Wychwood, Oxon.; 15 hides at Weapcaurtane, with 15 at Chedworth, 3 at Nympsfield, Gloucs. [given by Ealdred, subregulsu of the Hwicce]; 30 in Geldinge … in Æorport and 25 at Lecche [? Over, near Gloucester], granted by Æthelmund]; 15 hides at Biesingburne and Standish, Gloucs. [granted by King Beornwulf]; and 4 hides at Briencanfelda [granted by Nothheard, praefectus and comes regis in Magonsæte].

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Sawyer 1782
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