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King William informs Archbishop Lanfranc, Haimo, sheriff of Kent, Walter the sheriff, and all his sheriffs and French, English and Welsh barons, that he establishes and orders the abbey of Battle, its surrounding leuga and all its manors with the appendages belonging to them, namely: Wye, Kent ; Alciston, Sussex; Limpsfield, Surrey; Hutton, Essex; Brightwalton, Berks.; Crowmarsh, Oxfordshire; shall be free of all earthly service with sake and soke, toll and team, infangenetheof, geld, scot murdrum, all aids, work on castles, parks and bridges, hideage, danegeld, all please, plaints, shires, hundreds, lestage, tallage, assarts, enclosures, and military service.

Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 1070 x 1086