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King William informs all his faithful men and all his sheriffs in the shires in which the abbey of Ely has lands that he orders that the abbey is to have all its customs (which are described) and all other forfeitures from which fines are taken over its men within its lands. It shall have these as one the day of King Edward’s death and as was demonstrated on King William’s order at Kentford by several shires in the presence of the king’s barons, namely, Bishop Geoffrey of Coutances, Abbot Baldwin, Abbot Æthelsige, Abbot Wulfwald, Ivo Taillebois, Peter de Valognes, Picot the sheriff, Tihel de Helléan, Hugh de Hosdeng, Goscelin of Norwich, Roger Bigod.

Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 1075 x 1087