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King William orders Bishop Wulfstan and R. the sheriff that Abbot Ęthelwig of Evesham is to have the lands of the abbey of Evesham in Warwickshire, honourably and in peace, and under the king’s protection, namely Abbots Salford, Atherstone-upon-Stour, Milcote, Ragley, Arrow, Exhall, Hillingborough in Temple Grafton, Temple Grafton, Wixford, and Little Dorsington, R. the sheriff is not to permit anyone to do anyone to do wrong to the abbot in any matter. The abbot is to hold with sake and soke and to hold his property fully with all customs. If anyone commits an injustice, the abbot should appeal to the king who will do him full right.

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Scholarly Source Dating 1066 x 1078