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Bishop Geoffrey of Countances, on the king’s order, heard the plea between Bishop Wulfstan and Abbot [Walter] of Evesham, in which the bishop proved that the 4 hides in Bengeworth, Worcs., and the houses in the city of Worcester belonged to his holding, so that the abbot ought to do him service from them like his other tenants. The bishop also proved that the sake and soke of Hampton, Worcs., should belong to his hundred of Oswaldslow, so that they (i.e. the people of Hampton) should plead there, pay geld there, do military service and the other royal services required from these 15 hides, and pay church-scot and burial dues at the bishop’s vill of Cropthorne, Worcs.. This was proved and sworn before Bishop Geoffrey, Urse d’Abetot, Osbern fitzScrob, and others of the king’s barons, by the judgement of the whole shire.

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Scholarly Source Dating 1086