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Source Information
Author Bede
Source Title On the Day of Judgment
Language Latin


*Latin title: Uersus Bedae presbyteri de die iudicii *Some manuscripts preserve a further eight lines containing an invocation to Acca 1. *Michael Lapidge in 'Latin Learning in Ninth-Century England', in idem, Anglo-Latin Literature 600-899 (London and Rio Grande, OH, 1996), p. 431, comments: 'He [scil. Byrhtferth of Ramsey] had a recension of Bede's poem De die iudicii nearer to the original than any found in other (for the most part continental) manuscripts, in that it preserved Bede's eight-line valediction to Bishop Acca.' He notes that the poem is quoted in its entirety in Byrhtferth's Historia regum (ed. Arnold in Symeonis monachi opera omnia ii.28-32). See Lapidge, loc. cit., for further secondary references. *For the poem and its manuscript transmission see L. Whitbread, 'A Study of Bede's Versus de die iudicii', Philological Quarterly 23 (1944), 193-221; idem, 'The Sources and Literary Qualities of Bede's Doomsday Verses', Zeitschrift für deutsches Altertums 95 (1966), 258-66; idem, 'The Old English Poem Judgment Day II and its Latin Source', Philological Quarterly 45 (1966), 635-56 (with a full list of manuscripts of the De die iudicii, classified into four groups on pp. 651-6); idem, 'After Bede: the Influence and Dissemination of his Doomsday Verses', Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 204 (1967), 250-66; and idem, 'Bede's Verses on Doomsday: A Supplemental Note', Philological Quarterly 51 (1972), 485-6. [These references are derived from Michael Lapidge, Anglo-Latin Literature 600-899 (London and Rio Grande, OH, 1996), p. 319 n. 31.]


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Bedae uenerabilis opera, Pars III: Opera homiletica; Pars IV: Opera rhythmica Fraipont, J. Versus Bedae presbyteri de die iudicii Turnhout 1955 439-44