Source: CharterS1435

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Record of a synodal dispute-settlement, concerning the recovery by Cenred, bishop of Selsey, of land at Denton, Sussex.

Charter information
Sawyer 1435
Birch 387
Kemble 1043
British Academy Kelly, Selsey No. 15
Source Used Brit_Ac
Archive(s) Selsey
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 825
Scholarly Source Dating 825


*Vollrath 1985, pp. 138, 201-7; Wormald 1988, no. 7; Keynes 1993/1, p. 119, cited; Cubitt 1995, pp. 56, 80, 85, 286; Kelly, Selsey, pp. 61-5, authentic; cf. S 158.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Barker, Eric Ernest Sussex Anglo-Saxon Charters Sussex Archaeological Collections 1948 129-30