Source: CharterS209

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Burgred, king of the Mercians, to the church of St Peter, Gloucester; confirmation of privileges.

Charter information
Sawyer 209
Birch 503
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used  
Archive(s) Gloucester
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 862
Scholarly Source Dating 862 x 962


*HS, p. 654, doubtful; Taylor 1903, pp. 318-21; Finberg, ECWM, no. 79 and pp. 153-66, authentic, discusses MS tradition and history of Gloucester endowment; Sawyer, Burton, p. 38, on chrismon in MS 2; Keynes 1993/1, p. 128 n. 82, cited; Keynes 1996/1, p. 117, dubious, shares formulation with S 92, 583.

Note: MS 2 is modelled on a genuine 9th-century charter and is written in an imitative script. MS 1 is a much expanded document which incorporates important material about the early endowment of Gloucester minster (see S 1782).