Source: CharterS210

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Burgred, king of the Mercians, and Ęthelswith, his queen, to Ealhhun, bishop; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at (Water) Eaton, Oxon., in return for precious objects worth 400 shillings and 100 sicli, with provision for an annual render of 30 shillings to be paid to the church at Eynsham, Oxon.

Charter information
Sawyer 210
Birch 509
Kemble 290
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Worcester
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 864
Scholarly Source Dating 864


*Stenton 1955, p. 49, treats as authentic; PN Oxon., i. 6, ii. 258, 266; O'Donovan 1973, p. 112, on beneficiary; Sims-Williams 1975, p. 3 n. 2, on historical context; Gelling, ECTV, no. 265, authentic; Campbell 1989, p. 28, on counter-payment; Blair 1994, pp. 63, 78, on background; cf. S 361, which refers to this charter as 'lost'.