Source: CharterS211

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Burgred, king of the Mercians, to Worcester monastery; grant of 2 hides (manentes) at Seckley in Upper Arley, also called Wolverley, Worcs.

Charter information
Sawyer 211
Birch 514
Kemble 291
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Worcester
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 866
Scholarly Source Dating 866


*Bridgeman 1916, p. 80; Davies 1972, pp. 471, 475, 476, spurious; Finberg, ECWM, no. 262, spurious, bounds as in S 212; Hooke 1990, pp. 121-5, on bounds.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Bridgeman, Charles George Orlando Staffordshire Pre-Conquest Charters   1916 79-80