Source: CharterS344

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Alfred, king, and Ęthelred, archbishop, to Liaba, son of Birgwine; grant of land at Ileden, Kent, in return for 25 mancuses of gold.

Charter information
Sawyer 344
Birch 536
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Canterbury, Christ Church
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 873
Scholarly Source Dating 873


*Sweet, OET, p. 440 (no. 32); Stevenson 1904, p. 199 n. 4, a 9th-century hand, the work of a scribe ignorant of Latin, hee seems to have copied twice over the witnesses of a charter of King Ęthelwulf; Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 221-2, the northern boundary is Bossington, the eastern, Curlswood, p. 160 for identification of Ileden; Hart 1970/1, p. 23, on endorsement; Brooks 1979, pp. 15-16, authentic but full of errors; O'Donovan 1972, p. 30, indiction fits 874; Whitelock 1979, p. 77 and n. 6, authentic apart from the witness-lists; Brooks 1984, pp. 172, 360-1 n. 70, contemporary but incompetently drafted and copied, scribe also wrote S 316, 328, 332, 1195-7; Dumville 1987, p. 156 n. 41, on script, treats as contemporary; Making of England, pp. 261-2 (no. 236); Kelly, St Augustine's, pp. xciv-v, on circumstances of production; Pelteret 1995, p. 227; Smyth 1995, p. 372; Lapidge 1996, pp. 452-3, on latinity