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Author Anonymous
Source Title Life of Willehad
Date of composition [838-55]
Language Latin


*On the composition of this Life and its relations with Alcuin's Life of Willibrord, see @Wood 2001, The Missionary Life, pp. 90-1.


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Acta sanctorum : ex Latinis et Graecis aliarumque gentium Monumentis, servata primigenia veterum Scriptorum phrasi Carol de Smedt ... [et al.] Vita S. Willehadi Brussels 1910 842-6

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  6 In order to avoid Widukind 1's persecutions, Willehad 1 fled from Wigmodia to Frisia.
2 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  6 Widukind 1 gathered several Saxon people with him and led a rebellion against Charlemagne 1. They persecuted the servant of God who were working in the area, so that they were dispersed.
3 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  11 Willehad 1's silver chalice, which had been preserved by his disciples, miraculously escaped a fire in which everything else was burnt.
4 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  11 Willehad 1's crozier, which had been put in a chest was not burnt at all when the house in which the chest was kept caught fire.
5 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  10 Willehad 1 was buried in the church he had built
6 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  11 Willehad 1's body was translated to another basilica
7 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  10 Willehad 1 died in Blexen
8 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  10 When Willehad 1's disciples were worrying for his life, Egisrik 1 approached him and asked him not to leave his disciples. Willehad 1 replied that he did not want to leave longer as he was happy to go to God.
9 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  9 Willehad 1 constructed a very beautiful church in Bremen, where he established his episcopal see.
10 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  8 Willehad 1 went to Eresburg, in Saxony, to meet Charlemagne 1
11 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  8 Widukind 1 received the baptism
12 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  8 Charlemagne 1 made Willehad 1 be consecrated bishop in Worms and gave him as a diocese the area of Wigmodia, Laergau, Rustringerland, Ostringien, Norden and Wangerland.
13 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  9 Willehad 1 visited his diocese, confirming the people who had already been baptised and preaching.
14 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  8 Willehad 1 went back to Wigmodia, where he started preaching again, restoring churches and finding adequate people to minister at each of them.
15 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7 Willehad 1 chose to conduct a solitary life
16 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7 Willehad 1 reached Echternach where he joined up with those of his followers who had escaped from Wigmodia.
17 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7, 9 Willehad 1 visited Pippin 3, King of the Lombards, and went to Rome
18 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7 Aldo 1, Willehad 1's servant, used to serve him his meal in a wooden dish, which one day he found broken. He told Willehad 1 about it and the latter sent him to collect the dish. When Aldo 1 went to the place where he had left it, he discovered that it was now intact.
19 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  6 Widukind 1 and his men persecuted and killed several servants of God during their rebellion against Charlemagne 1.
20 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  5 Charlemagne 1 was consecrated emperor by Leo 1.
21 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  5 Willehad 1 started to build churches in the pagus of Wigmodia and ordain priests for them.
22 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  5 Willehad 1 went to the pagus of Wigmodia, where Charlemagne 1 had sent him to instruct the people. During his second year in that pagus all the Frisians and the Saxons who lived there had promised they would become Christians.
23 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  5 Charlemagne 1 summoned Willehad 1 and after having tested his faith and morals sent him to Saxony, in the pagus called Wigmodia
24 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  4 The barbarians assaulted the Christians unexpectedly. One of them tried to cut Willehad 1's head with his sword, but thanks to the box of relics that Willehad 1 wore round his neck, only the lace which kept the box was partly cut. Willehad 1 was completely unhurt.
25 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  4 Some of Willehad 1's disciples (Anonymi 748) began to destroy pagan temples
26 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  4 Willehad 1 went to Drenthe to preach the word of God. Many people received the baptism and started to imitate Willehad 1's life.
27 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  3 Willehad 1 crossed the River Lauwers and went to the pagus called Humsteerland to preach to the barbarians.
28 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  2 Willehad 1 lived for a long time in the Oostergoo pagus while teaching the word of God. Many noble people sent him their sons to be educated. He baptised several pagan people.
29 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  2 Boniface 5 had his martyrdom in the pagus called Oostergoo
30 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  2 Willehad 1 crossed the sea and arrived in Western Frisia, at a place called Dokkum, in the pagus of Oostergoo.
31 Event Anon.VitWillehadi  1 Willehad 1 asked Alhred 1 for permission to go and preach the word of the Lord to the Frisians and Saxons. Alhred 1 summoned all the bishops, asked for their consent, and granted Willehad 1 his permission to go abroad.
32 Transaction Anon.VitWillehadi  8 A cell in Francia, at Mont-Justin