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Author Alcuin
Source Title The Bishops, Kings and Saints of York
Language Latin


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Alcuin: The Bishops, Kings, and Saints of York Godman, Peter Alcuin: The Bishops, Kings, and Saints of York Oxford 1982 2-134

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1 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1641-8 As Anonymous 374 lay dying, Anonymous 376, who was keeping watch, had a vision of a radiant being who carried the soul of Anonymous 374 up to heaven.
2 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1635-9 Anonymous 374 foretold his own death to Alcuin 1 during a virulent epidemic.
3 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1630-4 Anonymous 375 died before midday, his death having been foretold to Anonymous 374 in a vision.
4 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1619-32 Anonymous 374 told Alcuin 1 of a vision which foretold the death of a brother (Anonymous 375).
5 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1605-13 Anonymous 374 had a vision of a young man with an open book.
6 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1602-5 Anonymous 374 guided the life of Alcuin 1 during his boyhood with his counsel.
7 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1586-8 A large number of people attended the burial of Æthelberht 8.
8 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1490-1506 Æthelberht 8 gave various gifts to the church of York.
9 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1490-1 Edwin 2 was baptized.
10 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1507-18 Æthelberht 8 erected a new basilica.
11 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1507-8, 1518-20 Æthelberht 8 consecrated the new church to the Holy Wisdom nine days before he died.
12 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1521-5 Æthelberht 8 retired to a solitary life, giving his episcopal powers to Eanbald 1.
13 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1526-62 Æthelberht 8 left his wealth to Eanbald 1 and Alcuin 1.
14 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1567-8, 1573-85 Æthelberht 8 passed to the heavenly hall joyously in the presence of his pupils (Anonymi 1128).
15 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1488-9 Æthelberht 8 added ornaments with varied beauty to the churches.
16 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1477-9 Those unwilling to follow his preaching (Anonymi 1127) Æthelberht 8 pursued with the law, including kings and rulers.
17 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1460-5 Æthelberht 8 returned from his pilgrimage to serve his fatherland.
18 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1466-8 Æthelberht 8 became archbishop at the request of the people.
19 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1454-9 Æthelberht 8 travelled on foreign pilgrimages, including to Rome.
20 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1449-53 By means of the Scriptures Æthelberht 8 taught various arts to several pupils whom he held to be talented (Anonymi 1099).
21 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1431 Ecgberht 7 appointed Æthelberht 8 as a teacher in York.
22 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1434 Æthelberht 8 taught a variety of subjects in York.
23 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1425 In adulthood as an upright person Æthelberht 8 entered the priesthood.
24 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1423 Æthelberht 8 was made a deacon at the appropriate time.
25 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1416-18 His parents (Anonymi 1125) gave Æthelberht 8 in boyhood to a monasterium.
26 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1408-12 Alcuin 1 appealed to the youth of York (Anonymi 1134) to keep reading his poem.
27 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1396-7 Æthelberht 8 succeeded Ecgberht 7 as bishop.
28 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1393 Echa 1 predicted many future things with a prophetic mind.
29 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1363-78 Balthere 1 once fell off a cliff but was able to walk on the sea.
30 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1333-62 While praying alone, Balthere 1 encountered a terrified soul who dropped from the upper clouds.
31 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1325-32 Balthere 1 fought against aerial throngs.
32 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1317-18 A sick man (Anonymous 378) was healed when surrounded by the relics of Bede 1.
33 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1298-1300 Ceolfrith 1 was buried in Langres and subsequently reburied in his fatherland.
34 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1296-7 While on pilgrimage, led by the love of Christ, Ceolfrith 1 died as an exile in the city of Langres.
35 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1293-4 Through the agency of his parents (Anonymi 1124), Bede 1 entered the monastery of Jarrow at the age of seven.
36 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1276 Eadberht 11 frequently defeated hostile troops (Anonymi 1123).
37 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1288-90 Bede 1 closed his eyes on the present life, seeking the stars.
38 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1287 Ecgberht 7 and Eadberht 11 were buried in peace.
39 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1285 Ecgberht 7 ruled the church for thirty-two years.
40 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1280 Ecgberht 7 received the pallium from the pope (Gregory 3).
41 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1263-5 Ecgberht 7 spent day and night on his ecclesiastical duties.
42 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1254-8 Ecgberht 7 gave his wealth to the poor.
43 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1248-50 Wilfrid 4 handed over his episcopal see to Ecgberht 7.
44 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1245-6 Wilfrid 4 left the varied and empty cares of the world.
45 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1238-45 Wilfrid 4 sought out special enclosures, giving himself wholy to the contemplative life.
46 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1231-4 Wilfrid 4 multiplied his flock by teaching and example.
47 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1213-15 John 18 ended his life in the monasterium to which he had retired.
48 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1210-12 When John 18 grew old, he yielded up the seat of honour [i.e., the episcopal throne] to another [sc. Wilfrid 4] while still alive and with a devout heart sought a monasterium.
49 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1205 John 18, they say, performed many other miracles here.
50 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1197-1204 After spending the night praying, John 18 blessed Anonymous 372, who regained consciousness and recovered.
51 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1181-96 John 18 forbade Anonymous 372 to race his horse. Nevertheless he did so, fell off, and was carried home senseless by his companions (Anonymi 1097).
52 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1179-80 John 18 made a journey on horseback with his clergy (Anonymi 1097) over a level field suitable for racing.
53 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1170 John 18 and Anonymous 370 sat down to dine together.
54 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1156-78 At the request of a comes (Anonymous 370), John 18 blessed a dying boy (Anonymous 371) and asked that he be restored to health, which subsequently happened.
55 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1154-5 A comes (Anonymous 370) summoned John 18 to dedicate a church to the Lord according to custom.
56 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1151-3 Anonymous 369 bore drink to John 18.
57 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1139-50 John 18 healed the wife (Anonymous 369) of a comes (Anonymous 368) from her illness by giving her holy water.
58 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1137-8, 1144-5 A comes (Anonymous 368) summoned John 18 to dedicate a church.
59 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1123-35 The bishop [sc. John 18] blessed the sick hand of a young woman (Anonymous 366) and the disease left her.
60 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1121-2 While visiting ecclesiastical communities under his protection, John 18 came to a community of nuns (Anonymi 1096).
61 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1100-19 John 18 cured a mute young man (Anonymous 365) and restored his skin and hair.
62 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1092-9 John 18, accompanied by others (Anonymi 1118), sought out a place where he might fast and give to those in need.
63 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1084-5 When Bosa 1 died, John 18 received control of the church.
64 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1084 Bosa 1 sought the realms of happiness i.e., died].
65 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1083 Aldfrith 1 was placed beside his ancestors (Anonymi 1117).
66 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1081 -3 Aldfrith 1 died in a period of peace after ruling for nineteen years.
67 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1071 Anonymi 1095 buried Hewald 2 and Hewald 1 with the honour worthy of pious martyrs.
68 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1069-71 The vision [of Anonymous 364] did not deceive. The companions (Anonymi 1095) found the bodies of the Hewald 2 and Hewald 1.
69 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1066-8 Anonymous 364, one of the companions of Hewald 2 and Hewald 1, had a vision of the one Hewald who told him he could find the bodies where he saw the light radiating.
70 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1059-65 The bodies [of Hewald 2 and Hewald 1] floated against the current for eleven miles, a bright light shining in whatever place they came.
71 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1053-5, 1057-9 Anonymi 1094 killed Hewald 1 after a lengthy period of torture.
72 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1044--51 Hewald 2 and Hewald 1 went to convert the pagan Saxons.
73 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1052-4, 1058-9 Hewald 2 was immediately killed.
74 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1024-5 Wihtberht 2 separated from Ecgberht 6 to live a contemplative life in strict solitude.
75 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1026-30 Wihtberht 2 built an outstanding enclosure for monks (Anonymi 1133) of his people.
76 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1033 Wihtbert 1 reached the joys of the heavenly life.
77 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1034-6 Others (Anonymi 1093) travelled by ship eastwards across the sea to seek pagan soil where they tried to spread the word of salvation.
78 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1017-18
79 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1020-1 Ecgberht 6 led an outstanding life up to the day of his death.
80 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1008-12 Many (Anonymi 1093) went overseas bearing the seeds of life to other peoples.
81 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  900-4 After he arose from the dead, Anonymous 362 became a monk.
82 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  888-99 Anonymous 362 died in the first part of the night but then arose at the end of the night.
83 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  876-1007 A man (Anonymous 362) who had risen from the dead used to tell of things that he had seen.
84 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  873-5 Bosa 1 completed the span of the present life.
85 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  857 Bosa 1 embellished the splendour of the church.
86 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  857-70 Bosa 1 required his church to remove itself from the customs of the people and to serve God at all hours.
87 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  841-2 Ecgfrith 4 died at the hands of the Picts (Anonymi 1112) in a wretched defeat of his men (Anonymi 1113).
88 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  841 The Picts (Anonymi 1112) waged war on Ecgfrith 4.
89 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  838-40 Ecgfrith 4 sent his troops (Anonymi 1132) to ravage the Irish (Anonymi 1131).
90 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  836-7 Ecgfrith 4 waged victorious wars during his reign.
91 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  830-5 Freed and ransomed, Imma 2 returning home told everything to his brother (Tunna 1).
92 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  828-9 Anonymous 255 gave Imma 2 the power to redeem himself.
93 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  823-8 Anonymous 255 bound the miles (Imma 2) in chains but when they were loosened, he permitted him to ransom himself.
94 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  822 The comes (Anonymous 359) sold the miles (Imma 2) to another person (Anonymous 255).
95 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  803-22 The chains kept being loosed from the miles (Imma 2), which he then explained.
96 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  790-803 After being wounded and lying senseless, Imma 2 recovered and was captured.
97 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  789 Ælfwine 4 died in battle.
98 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  777-80 The original tomb which held Æthelthryth 2's limbs under the ground became known as a source of healing for many (Anonymi 1110) and a remedy for eye-diseases.
99 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  775-6 The clothing which covered the limbs of Æthelthryth 2 often healed the demon-possessed (Anonymi 1109).
100 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  771-4 When the body of Æthelthryth 2 was discovered, a medical incision appeared to be healed.
101 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  771-2 A doctor (Anonymous 357) made an incision in Æthelthryth 2.
102 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  766-9 Æthelthryth 2 was found incorrupt fully clothed sixty years after her burial.
103 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  753, 756-63 Ecgfrith 4 married Æthelthryth 2.
104 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  751-2 Ecgfrith 4 won military victories and subdued fierce peoples.
105 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  739-40 The sick (Anonymi 1108) were healed by the covering under which Cuthbert 1 died.
106 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  737-8 A man (Anonymous 30) put on the sandals of Cuthbert 1 and went away with a healed body.
107 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  735-6 A man (Anonymous 355) who touched the robes of the prophet [sc. Cuthbert 1] was healed of his eye complaint.
108 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  733-4 A man (Anonymous 354) was healed from his illness by praying at the tomb of Cuthbert 1.
109 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  731-2 A person possessed of an evil spirit (Anonymous 353) was healed by earth on which had been poured water that had washed the limbs of Cuthbert 1.
110 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  727-8 While Cuthbert 1 himself was ill he cured a man (Wealhstod 1) of diarrhoea.
111 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  729-30 The body of Cuthbert 1 was found to be whole in its garment ten years after his death.
112 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  725-6 Cuthbert 1 had a vision of angels bearing the soul of a shepherd (Anonymous 351) who had fallen out of a tree.
113 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  723-4 Cuthbert 1 prophesied to a mother (Anonymous 349) safety for her son (Anonymous 350) and household (Anonymi 1091) when a plague afflicted the Britons.
114 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  721-2 While on a journey Cuthbert 1 found a young man about to die (Anonymous 348) whom he returned to health by prayer.
115 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  719-20 Bread blessed and offered up by Cuthbert 1 cured a sick man (Anonymous 347) when it was mixed with water.
116 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  717-18 Cuthbert 1 cured with holy oil a pain in the side and in the head of a girl (Anonymous 40).
117 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  710-11 Cuthbert 1 sowed a crop for himself in a field and by only a word kept the birds from it.
118 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  712 The sea and animals obeyed Cuthbert 1.
119 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  713-14 Cuthbert 1 accurately prophesied many future events concerning himself and others (Anonymi 1107).
120 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  715-16 Cuthbert 1 healed the wife (Anonymous 39) of a comes (Hemma 1), driving away the plague by sprinkling holy water on her.
121 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  708-9 Cuthbert 1 brought from the turf flowing water which in answer to prayer provided him with water.
122 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  706-7 Cuthbert 1 expelled demons from Farne, making a residence for himself nearby.
123 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  704-5 Cuthbert 1 healed a wife (Anonymous 342) possessed of a demon before he entered the house at the invitation of the husband (Anonymous 39).
124 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  702-3 Cuthbert 1 turned fire aside from buildings by his prayers, which young men (Anonymi 1090) were unable to do.
125 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  700-1 Cuthbert 1 prophesied that he and a companion (Anonymous 341) would share a fish brought by an eagle, and so it was done.
126 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  698-9 Cuthbert 1 removed the hunger of sailors (Anonymi 1089) by prayer and prophesied calm weather.
127 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  697 Cuthbert 1 saved from illness and sin a brother (Anonymous 340) who saw him being warmed by animals.
128 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  694-5 Cuthbert 1 fed an angel bread and gained heavenly food thereby.
129 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  696 Cuthbert 1 was warmed by animals.
130 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  692-3 Cuthbert 1 saw the soul of Aidan 1 born above the stars when he was attending to the feeding of sheep.
131 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  690-1 Cuthbert 1 called back through his prayers five ships tossed on the sea by wind.
132 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  688-9 Cuthbert 1 cured himself when a swelling turned to fever by following an angel's command.
133 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  678-84 Cuthbert 1 was buried. Miracles took place at the place where he was buried.
134 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  676-80 Cuthbert 1 died in his solitary cell; the island was made sacred by his death.
135 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  675 Cuthbert 1 returned to become a hermit again.
136 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  666-73 Cuthbert 1 became a bishop at the urging of Anonymi 1088 and [Ecgfrith 4].
137 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  657-63 Cuthbert 1 sought out the island of Farne, where he lived for a long time as a solitary hermit.
138 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  654-5 Cuthbert 1 strengthened his followers (Anonymi 1106) in virtue.
139 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  644-5 Wilfrid 2 was buried in the church at Ripon.
140 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  644-5 Wilfrid 2 built a church in Ripon in honour of Peter.
141 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  642-3 Wilfrid 2 died in accordance with the predictions of the angel.
142 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  624-40 On the fifth day after his illness, Wilfrid 2 reported a vision of St Michael.
143 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  607-13 Wilfrid 2 made thousands of converts to Christ among the Frisian people (Anonymi 1086).
144 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  606 Wilfrid 2 was forced to hasten to Rome.
145 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  581-7 Wilfrid 2 converted peoples in many places, including South Saxony.
146 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  585-605 Wilfrid 2 baptized South Saxony [sc. Anonymi 1084] at which point a three-year drought was broken.
147 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  575-6 Ecgfrith 4 succeeded his father [sc. Ecgfrith 4] on the throne on the latter's death.
148 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  573-4 After holding the empire for twenty-eight years, Oswiu 1 rested in peace.
149 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  565-9 Oswiu 1 subsequently conquered many other kingdoms.
150 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  556-8 As a result of the war [against Penda 1], Oswiu 1 brought the Mercians (Anonymi 1104) under the control of the Faith, thereby enabling his people (Anonymi 1105) to regain their fatherland.
151 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  529-52 Penda 1 fled the battle but was killed by the sword.
152 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  517-55 Having been an enemy from Oswiu 1's earliest years on the throne, Penda 1 attacked him with an army (Anonymi 1101) but was defeated.
153 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  520-2 Penda 1 raised an army (Anonymi 1101).
154 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  511-16 Relatives of Oswiu 1 (Anonymi 1078) killed kinsmen (Anonymi 1080) and brought pagan forces (Anonymi 1081) into the citadels of the cities of their homeland and attempted to overthrow him.
155 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  507-10 Oswiu 1 defended his kingdom against foreigners (Anonymi 1079)
156 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  503-4 Oswald 1 died at the age of thirty-eight.
157 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  485-6 Oswald 1's head was attached to a stake of wood.
158 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  443-54 A brother who broke his arm (Bothelm 2) was healed by moss from the cross.
159 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  460-98 An Irish scholar (Anonymous 231), struck by plague, drank some water bathed in the stake on which Oswald 1's head had been nailed and recovered.
160 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  400-26 A mentally disturbed man (Anonymous 333) was healed by the dust brought by an abbess (Anonymous 332) from Oswald 1's tomb.
161 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  396-9 An abbess (Anonymous 332) visited the sacred places associated with Oswald 1.
162 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  380-7 A boy in the monastery who was sick (Anonymous 331) was taken to the burial-place of Oswald 1 and was healed.
163 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  362-74 The remains of Oswald 1 were translated to Lindsey, where the local people (Anonymi 1076) buried him after seeing a fiery light.
164 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  357-61 Osthryth 1 saw that the remains of Oswald 1 were reburied in a church.
165 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  336-51 A man (Anonymous 329) collected dust from the place where Oswald 1 died; he took it to a house where a post with a cloth containing the dust proved immune to fire.
166 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  324-35 The traveller (Anonymous 327) led a girl in a coma (Anonymous 328) to the place where Oswald 1 died and she was healed.
167 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  314-23 The horse of a traveller (Anonymous 327) was healed at the spot where Oswald 1 died.
168 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  305-7 Oswiu 1 established a church in Bamburgh dedicated to St Peter.
169 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  303-9 Oswiu 1 took Oswald 1's hand and placed it in a silver casket.
170 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  301-3 After Oswald 1 was killed, his hand was hung on a stake
171 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  291-300 Oswald 1 ordered a silver dish and the food on it to be given to those in need (Anonymi 1073).
172 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  236-64 Oswald 1 returned suddenly from exile and conquered his enemies.
173 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  226-33 Edwin 2 was suddenly murdered by his allies (Anonymi 1070).
174 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  219, 274-81 Edwin 2 founded spacious churches in cities and endowed them with gifts.
175 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  218 Edwin 2 spurred his people (Anonymi 1069) to serve the Faith by gifts and threats.
176 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  217 Edwin 2 established laws with just moderation.
177 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  213 Paulinus 1 converted many thousands (Anonymi 1100) to Christ
178 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  204-09 Edwin 2 decided to make York his capital.
179 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  194-202, 222 Edwin 2 decided to be baptized with his people (Anonymi 1069).
180 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  131-5 Edwin 2 married a woman from the South (Æthelburg 1).
181 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  145-66 Edwin 2 was converted to Christianity through the agency of Paulinus 1.
182 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  167-93 Following the instructions of Edwin 2, Coifi 1 desecrated the altars of his temple and a crowd (Anonymi 1068) destroyed the shrine.
183 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  120-3 Edwin 2 conquered various peoples in Britain
184 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  111-12 A king (Æthelfrith 2) was killed by the sword.
185 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  93-110 Edwin 2 had a vision of a messenger who predicted that God would save him from his enemy and that he would have an empire circumscribed only by the waves.
186 Event Alcuin.VersEubor  92 Edwin 2 fled, being driven into exile
187 Transaction Alcuin.VersEubor  389 Silver, gems, gold and much finery were given by Offa 7 to Lindsey 1
188 Transaction Alcuin.VersEubor  277-80 He [sc. Oswald 1] clothed the altars with silver, gems and gold, with silk on the walls beautifully marked out with gold leaf...; he hung lanterns of various kinds through the holy buildings.
189 Transaction Alcuin.VersEubor  297-8 A silver dish of great weight he directed be given to those in need.
190 Transaction Alcuin.VersEubor  1222-8 He [sc. Wilfrid 4] added numerous ornaments with charming inscriptions to the sacred church; he made silver vessels with shining elegance suitable for the appointed sacred services and he covered the altar and crosses with gilded plates of silver; not wishing to hide treasures he bestowed them in honour of the Divine.