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Source Information
Source Title Annals of St Bertin
Date of composition 830s
Language Latin


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
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Annales de Saint-Bertin Grat, Felix; Vielliard, Jeanne; Clémencet, Suzanne Annales de Saint-Bertin Paris 1964  


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Nelson, Janet L. The Annals of St-Bertin Manchester and New York 1991  

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Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Annals.StBertin  863 Charles 4, in accordance with the pope's [Leo 1] request, permitted Judith 1 and Baldwin 1 to marry. This he did in Senlis.
2 Event Annals.StBertin  864 During a fight on the steps of St Peter's in Rome between the emperor's men and the clergy and people of the city, a wonderful cross worked by Helena was smashed. Some Englishmen [Anonymi 1191] retrieved the pieces and returned them to their custodians.
3 Event Annals.StBertin  863 In response to an appeal from the pope [Nicholas 1], Charles 4 received his daughter Judith 1 back into his good graces.
4 Event Annals.StBertin  862 After the death of her husband, Ęthelbald 13, Judith 1 sold up the possessions which she had acquired in the kingdom of the English, returned to her father. Charles 4, and was kept under his royal and episcopal guardianship, with all the honour due to a queen, until such time as, if she could not remain chaste, she might marry ... she then eloped with Count Baldwin 1 and his instigation and with her brother Louis 1's consent. Charles 4 had them both made anathema.
5 Event Annals.StBertin  858 Ęthelwulf 1 died
6 Event Annals.StBertin    After Hincmar 1 had consecrated Judith 1 and placed a diadem on her head, Ęthelwulf 1 formally conferred on her the title of queen, which was not something customary before then to him or his people.
7 Event Annals.StBertin  856 On 1 October, in the palace of Verberie, Ęthelwulf 1 received Judith 1 in marriage ... when the marriage had been sealed by mutual exchange of royal gear and gifts, they sailed back to Britain
8 Event Annals.StBertin  856 Ęthelwulf 1, on his way back from Rome, was betrothed to Charles 4's daughter, Judith 1.
9 Event Annals.StBertin  855 Charles 4 received Ęthelwulf 1 hospitably and honourably
10 Event Annals.StBertin  839 Ęthelwulf 1 sent envoys [Anonymi 1190] to ask Louis 1 to grant him permission to travel through Francia on his way to Rome on pilgrimage. He also warned Louis 1 to devote even more careful attention and concern to the salvation of the souls of those subject to him. For the minds of the English had been quite terrified by a the vision of a certain pious priest [Anonymous 403].