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Will of Wulfsige, including bequest of land at Wiken to Bury St Edmunds, Bishop Ælfric and, for her life, to Wulfwynn

Charter information
Sawyer 1537
Birch 1162
Kemble 979
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Bury St Edmunds
Source Information
Language Old English
Scholarly Source Dating 1022 x 1034


Whitelock, Wills, p. 185; Brooks 1978, pp. 87-91, on heriot; Pelteret 1995, pp. 123, 130.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
  Wills     75 [no.27]

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Transaction S1537    Wulfsige 55 to Bury St Edmund's 1; bequest of two-thirds of the land at Wick, with the remaining third to Bishop Ælfric 115, except for 1 yardland and mast for 12 swine which Wulfwynn 8 must have for life with reversion to Bury St Edmund's 1 for his and her souls.
2 Transaction S1537    Wulfsige 55 to his royal lord [Cnut 3]; bequest of 2 horses and a helmet and a coat of mail, and a sword and spear inlaid with gold. And to his lady [Emma 2] half a mark of gold. And to his niece an ore's weight of gold.
3 Transaction S1537    Wulfsige 36 to Stanhand 1; bequest of unspecified things. Wulfsige's brother's children [Anonymi 2704] are to have their own land, 2 horses with harness, and one coat of mail and one cloak.