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Source Information
Author Bede
Source Title Thirty Questions on the Book of Kings
Language Latin


*Mentioned in Bede's list of works @HE v.24


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
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Bedae uenerabilis opera, Pars II: Opera exegetica 2: In primam partem Samuhelis libri iiii; In regum librum xxx quaestiones Hurst, D. (David) In Regum librum xxx quaestiones Turnhout 1962 293-322


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Foley, W. Trent (William Trent) and Holder, Arthur G. (Arthur Glenn) Thirty Questions on the Book of Kings Liverpool 1999 89-138

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Bede.QuaestRg  xxx.62-4 Bede 1 made requests of the reader.
2 Event Bede.QuaestRg  Praef.22-7 Bede 1 asked for prayers because of composing his XXX quaestiones.
3 Event Bede.QuaestRg  Praef.27-9 Bede 1 asked Nothhelm 2 not to hesitate to send him any better explanation for what he had expounded.
4 Event Bede.QuaestRg  Praef.6-9 Bede 1 was sending on other sheets collected separately to Nothhelm 2 names and phrases that could be explained more easily and succinctly.
5 Event Bede.QuaestRg  Praef.2-6 Bede 1 sent a volume treating of thirty propositions.
6 Event Bede.QuaestRg  Praef.1-3, 18-22 Nothhelm 2 had requested for elucidation about the Book of Kings.