Source: Textual EditionAlcuin.Carm.4

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Source Information
Part of Group Alcuin.Carmina
Author Alcuin
Source Title Poem to friends of the poet
Language Latin


*See {Clavis des auteurs latins du Moyen Age : territoire français 735-987 = Clavis scriptorum latinorum medii aevi : auctores galliae 735-987, Tom.2: Alcuin = Alcuinus / ed. Marie-Hélène Jullien et Françoise Perelman, Corpus christianorum. Continuatio Mediaevalis, Turnholt : Brepols, 1999, ALC 11.4}.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Godman, Peter Poetry of the Carolingian Renaissance London 1985 44-5

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Alcuin.Carm.4  56-8 Alcuin 1 asked Bassinus 1 to commend him to Paulus 1, in whose house Alcuin 1 and Bassinus 1 had become brothers.
2 Event Alcuin.Carm.4  1-81 Alcuin 1 composed the present poem sent from Britain to the mouth of the Rhine, whence he hoped it would reach various named recipients.