Source: Textual EditionBates69

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A record of the inquisition into the violation of the ancient rights of Canterbury, held at Penenden on the orders of William I.

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Scholarly Source Dating 1072 x 1073

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1 Event Bates69    A notice that after King William 1 had subdued the English kingdom, his brother, bishop Odo 3 of Bayeux, came to England before Archbishop Lanfranc 1 and settled in the county of Kent where he exercised great power. And because in those days there was no one strong enough to be able to resist, he appropriated many lands and customs of the archbishopric of Canterbury to his lordship. Subsequently, Lanfranc 1, abbot of the church of Caen, came to England on the king’s orders and was raised to primacy of the entire English kingdom. When he had lived in England for some time and found that many of the ancient lands of the church were missing, and had discovered that they had been distributed and alienated by his negligent predecessors, having diligently and thoroughly ascertained the truth, he informed the king as quickly as he could of his case. The king ordered the whole shire to deliberate without delay and all the Frenchmen and especially the Englishmen knowledgeable of the ancient laws and customs to convene in a single gathering. When they had assembled at Penenden, all alike considered the problem. Archbishop Lanfranc 1 regained many lands and re-established his rights within his lands.