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King William confirms lands of St Peter's, Westminster, and concludes agreements with them concerning Windsor and the royal regalia.

Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 1067


This is a twelth-century fabrication but contains some apparently reliable material.

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Transaction Bates290    King Edward 15 left his crown to St Peter’s, Westminster.
2 Event Bates290    William 1 was crowned in St Peter’s, Westminster.
3 Transaction Bates290    King Edward 15 granted the royal manor of Winsor to St Peter’s, Westminster.
4 Transaction Bates290    In exchange for the estate of Windsor, which King Edward 15 had granted to St Peter’s, Westminster, King William 1 granted to Edwin 38, abbot of Westminster, and St Peter’s, Westinster: Ockendon and Feering, Essex, 14 sokemen, a free man in Thurstable Hundred who held a virgate of land, and 3 houses in Colchester. In order to redeem King Edward 15’s crown and other items of regalia, King William 1 granted Battersea, Wandsworth, and Pyrford, Surrey. They had been held by Earl Harold 3. He granted the tithe of Wick-by-Pershore, Worcs., and restored that part of Wick, which King Edward 15 gave and which had been unjustly taken from the abbey. He also granted: the mother-church of Benfleet, Essex; the mother-church of Bloxham, Oxfordshire; the two mother-churches of Oakham and Hambleton, Rutland, with the church of St Peter in Stamford; the mother-churches of Uppingham and Wardley, Rutland, and the houses of Wulfwine 16 the priest and the sokeland he holds; he ordered the return of the manor of Chollington, Sussex, which Boscelin de Dives had taken by force, and the land and house of Osbern 14 the chamberlain in London. William 1 is also said to have confirmed many lands.
5 Transaction Bates290    Ælfwald 75 Cocksfoot granted his land, demesne houses and a wharf in London to St Peter’s, Westminster.
6 Transaction Bates290    Ælfweard 43 the Fat gave the church of St Mary Newchurch to St Peter’s, Westminster.
7 Transaction Bates290    Ælfnoth 44, when he became a monk at St Peter’s, Westminster, granted houses and lands in London to St Peter’s, Westminster. He also granted 1 hide at Stratford, Essex, near Walthamstow near the city, and 4 hides at Tooting, Surrey.
8 Transaction Bates290    Godwine 68, known as Great Syd, who was in charge of the masons of the church, gave land and houses to St Peter’s, Westminster with the agreement of King Edward 15 and his son Ælfwine 81, on the basis that Ælfwine 81 should hold them within his lifetime, do service to the abbey, and allow it to regain them after his death.
9 Transaction Bates290    Ælfwald 76 of St Botulph’s Gate, having no heir, with King Edward 15’s agreement, made St Peter’s, Westminster, his heir for his curia, houses and land, and a wharf where ships can be moored by London Bridge; he confirmed that grant by agreeing to pay 11 pence every year during his lifetime. Ælfwald 76’s agreement with Abbot Edwin 38 and the monks admitted him to the confraternity and as a monk, with King Edward 15’s consent.
10 Transaction Bates290    Lyfing 22, clericus, granted St Peter’s, Westminter, the church of St Lawrence, London, with its cemetery, courtyard, and lands.
11 Transaction Bates290    Lyfing 23, a citizen, granted to St Peter’s, Westminster, a wooden chapen and half of the stone church of St Magnus near the bridge, with all its lands.
12 Transaction Bates290    Odelina 1 granted to St Peter’s, Westminster, land and houses in London with half a wharf, and 1 hide at Marten, Wilts.. Odelina’s sister, Ælfgifu 24, gave the other half of the aforesaid wharf, and her land and houses, which she would hold as long as she lived, paying 12 solidi per year to warrant her gift.
13 Transaction Bates290    Ælfwine 82 Faremann granted to St Peter’s, Westminster, his houses and land in London, on the basis that his son will hold it during his lifetime, and will pay 5 solidi annually as a warranty; also a wharf at Bærmannecyrce with the land belonging to it which returns 50 solidi a year, on behalf of his son who has become a monk of the abbey, and on condition that he will hold it during his lifetime for a payment of 10 solidi, and that it will thereafter revert to the abbey.
14 Transaction Bates290    Æthelweard 57, son of Wulfgar 40 the dean, granted to St Peter’s, Westminster, land and houses in London behind the church of St Nicholas, with a wharf and neighbouring land at Dowgate.
15 Transaction Bates290    Beorhtgifu 2, wife of Ælfnoth 45, having become a nun because she had not borne children, made St Peter’s, Westminster her heir, in the same way that her husband had done, granting one piece of land only to a relative named Lyfing 24, during his lifetime, on condition that the abbey should hold it after his death.
16 Transaction Bates290    A citizen of London named Wulfsige 62 Likestoppe granted land in two places, which he was to continue to hold during his lifetime, with the agreement of Abbot Edwin 38 and the monks, paying 6 solidi a year as a warranty; it was agreed in King Edward 15’s presence that he would hold the land of the abbey, and that, after his death, two other pieces of land and his house, which were all in Westcheap, should pass to the abbey, for his confraternity with the monks, and whether or not he became a monk.
17 Transaction Bates290    Abbot Edwin 38 and St Peter's, Westminster leased land to Æthelwine 53, son of Beorhtmær 18, for his lifetime in return for an agreed service during his lifetime.
18 Transaction Bates290    Æthelwine 53, son of Beorhtmær 18, a resident of the suburbs of London, by the grant and witness of Abbot Edwin 38 and the monks of St Peter’s, Westminster, took land in three places in the city from the abbey for an agreed service for his lifetime; as death approached, he returned the land to the abbey, and granted nine other properties from his own holdings which he had held for guarding the bridge [quas in custodies pontis possederat], returning 36 solidi a year, when he became a monk.
19 Event Bates290    King William 1 confirms lands of the monks of St Peter's, Westminster, and concludes agreements with them concerning Windsor and the royal regalia.