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Source Title Historia Regum
Language Latin
Scholarly Source Dating c. 1000 x s xii e


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Symeonis monachi opera omnia T. Arnold Symeonis monachi opera omnia London 1885 30–66


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Whitelock, Dorothy English Historical Documents c. 500-1042 London and New York 1979 263-276

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1 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732 archbishop Beorhtwald 6 died.
2 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732 Tatwine 2 was consecrated the ninth archbishop of the church of Canterbury, in the fifteenth year of the rule of Æthelbald 4, king of the Mercians.
3 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732 King Ceolwulf 3 was taken captive, tonsured, and sent back into his kingdom.
4 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732 bishop Acca 3 was driven out from his see.
5 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732 Cyneberht 2, bishop of the church of the people of Lindsey, died.
6 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  31 In 732, Alric 2 and Esc 1 with many other were slain on Thursday, 23 August.
7 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  32 In 733, Archbishop Tatwine 2, having received the pallium from the apostolic authority, ordained Alwig 1 and Sigefrith 4 as bishops.
8 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  33 In 734 Tatwine 2, ninth archbishop of the city of Canterbury of Kent, died on 30 July.
9 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 735 archbishop Nothhelm 2 was consecrated.
10 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 Ecgberht 7, bishop of York, received the pallium from the apostolic see and was established in the archiepiscopate of the race of the Northumbrians, the first after Paulinus 1.
11 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 735 Bede 1 the teacher died in Jarrow.
12 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 736 Nothhelm 2, having received the pallium, consecrated three bishops, namely Cuthbert 6, Herewald 3, and Æthelfrith 9.
13 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 737 bishop Ealdwine 2, also called Wor, died, and in his place Hwita 1 and Totta 2 were consecrated bishops for the Mercians and the Middle Angles.
14 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 737 Ceolwulf 3 resigned the kingdom of the Northumbrians, and was made a monk in the island of Lindisfarne.
15 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 When Ceolwulf 3 resigned the kingdom, Eadberht 11, the son of his father's brother, succeeded the kingdom of Northumbria.
16 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  35 In 739 Æthelheard 6, king of the West Saxons, died.
17 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  35 When king Æthelheard 6 died in 739, his brother Cuthred 7 was made king of the West Saxons in his place.
18 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  35 In 739 Archbishop Nothhelm 2 died in peace, four years after receiving the bishopric.
19 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  35 In 739 Ealdwulf 5, bishop of the church of Rochester, ended his days.
20 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  35 In 740 Æthelwald 15, bishop of the church of Lindisfarne, departed to the Lord, and Cynewulf 3 replaced him in the bishopric.
21 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  36 In 740 Bishop Acca 3 of revered memory was exalted into the land of the living.
22 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  36 Acca 3 travelled to Rome with bishop Wilfrid 2.
23 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  36 From his childhood Acca 3 was nurtured and educated in the curia of Bosa 1, bishop of York.
24 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  34 In 738 Swæberht 1, king of the East Saxons, died.
25 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  37 A brother of the church of Hexham by the name of Aldred 1 related that when he was an adolescent and was living in the house of his brother [Anonymous 10136], a priest, he was once asked by his brother to keep an eye on some relics of St Acca 3 which he had wrapped in a cloth and laid on the altar of St Michael in the southern porch of the church. Then it appeared to Aldred 1 that a certain church [presumably Durham] would be greatly enriched by these bones. So, after prostrating himself on the ground and praying the seven penitential psalms, he entered the porch with the intention of taking them away. Suddenly he felt heat as of fire which thrust him back in great trepidation. Thinking that he had approached with insufficient reverence and preparation, he again prostrated himself and poured forth still more ardent prayers to the Lord. But on approaching a second time he felt a still fiercer heat opposing him. Realizing that his intention was not in accordance with the will of God, he withdrew.
26 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  38 Edric 2, a canon regular and priest from Hexham, dug the floor in the church and found a casket with the bones of St Acca 3. He washed one of the bones in holy water and gave to a certain nun [Anonymous 10137], who had long been blind, to bathe her eyes in it. She did so, and in about two hours she received her sight. In the same way Edric 2 brought about healing of a certain poor man [Anonymous 10138], whose throat was so swollen that he could not eat nor drink, through the merit and intercession of St Acca 3.
27 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 740 Earnwine 1 son of Eadwulf 2 was killed on Saturday, 23 December.
28 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 740 Cuthbert 7, the eleventh archbishop, received the archbishopric of the church of Canterbury.
29 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 740 Dunn 2 accepted the bishopric of Rochester, after Ealdwulf 5.
30 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 745 lord Wilfrid 2, bishop of the city of York, departed to the Lord on 29 April. His story had been compiled by Bede 1.
31 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 745 Ingwald 2, bishop of the city of London, died.
32 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 745 the bishop of the Hwicce [Wilfrid 5] died.
33 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  40 In 745 abbot Herebald 1 died.
34 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 749 Ælfwald 6, king of the East Angles, died, and Hun 5, Beonna 6, and Alberht 3 divided the kingdom between them.
35 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 750 King Eadberht 11 took Bishop Cynewulf 3 as a prisoner to Bamburgh, and had the church of St Peter in Lindisfarne besieged.
36 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 750 Offa 10, son of Aldfrith 1, who had been forced to flee to the relics of the holy bishop Cuthbert 1, though innocent, was dragged unarmed from the church, almost dead with hunger.
37 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 750 Bishop Alwig 1 died, and his deacon, Ealdwulf 10, was consecrated to the bishopric.
38 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 750 Cuthred 7, king of the West Saxons, rose against Æthelbald 4, king of the Mercians.
39 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  41 In 754 Boniface 5, archbishop of the Franks, also called Wynfrith, received the crown of martyrdom, together with 53 others [Anonymi 1243].
40 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 In 755 Cuthred 7, king of West Saxons, died, and Sigeberht 4 received the sceptre of his kingdom.
41 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 King Eadberht 11, in the eighteenth year of his reign, and Angus 1, king of the Picts, led n army against the city of Dunbarton. Hence the Britons accepted terms there, on the first day of August. But on the tenth day of the same month there perished almost the whole army which he led from Ovania to Newburgh.
42 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 In 756 the anchorite Balthere 3 died.
43 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 In 757 Æthelbald 4, king of the Mercians, was treacherously killed by his bodyguard [Anonymous 10139], and in the same year the Mercians commenced a civil war among themselves.
44 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 Beornred 1 was put to flight, and King Offa 7 remained victor.
45 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  42 In 758 Eadberht 11, king of the Northumbrians, of his own accord gave to his son, Oswulf 2, the kingdom God had conferred on him, and in the course of one year the latter held, lost and forfeited the kingdom; for he was wickedly killed by his household near Methel Wongtun on 24 July.
46 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  43 Æthelwald 14, who was also called Moll, began to reign on 5 August. At the beginning of his third year, a very severe battle was fought on 6 August at Eildon in which, after three days, Oswine 4 fell, on the Sunday [in 761]. King Æthelwald 14, who is called Moll, obtained the victory in the battle.
47 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  43 Angus 1, king of the Picts, died.
48 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  43 On 1 November 762 King Æthelwald 14 married Queen Æthelthida 1 at Catterick.
49 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  44 In 764 Ceolwulf 3, once king, then servant of God and monk, died.
50 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  44 In 764 Freohelm 1, priest and abbot, died.
51 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  44 In 764 Totta 2, bishop of the Mercians, died.
52 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  44 In 764 Eadberht 16 was consecrated bishop of the Mercians.
53 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  44 In 764 Frithuwald 5, bishop of Whithorn, departed from this world, and Pehtwine 1 was appointed bishop in his place.
54 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 765 Æthelwald 14 lost the kingdom of the Northumbrians on 30 October, at Pincanheale. After him Alhred 1 succeeded to the kingdom.
55 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 765 Hemele 1, bishop of the Mercians, died, in whose stead Cuthfrith 2 was consecrated bishop of Lichfield.
56 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 765 Bregowine 1, archbishop of Kent, died, and Jænberht 1 succeeded him in his office.
57 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 765 Ealdwulf 10, bishop of Lindsey, died; after him Ceolwulf 4 was elected and consecrated.
58 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 766 Ecgberht 7, archbishop of York, died on 19 November in the thirty-fourth year of his episcopate.
59 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  45 In 766 Frithuberht 1, bishop of the church of Hexham, died on 23 December, in the thirty-second year of his episcopate.
60 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 767 Æthelberht 8, bishop of the city of York, and Ealhmund 5, bishop of Hexham, were consecrated on 24 April.
61 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 767 Aluberht 1 was consecrated bishop for the Old Saxons, and Ceolwulf 4 was consecrated bishop of Lindsey.
62 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 767 Echa 1 the anchorite died happily in Crayke, a place ten miles from the city of York.
63 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 Eadberht 11, once king, afterwards cleric, in the tenth year after his resignation of his kingdom [768], in clerk's orders and the service of Almighty God, happily sent his soul to heaven at York on 20 August.
64 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 768 Hadwine 1 was consecrated bishop of Mayo.
65 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 768 King Alhred 1 married Osgifu 1.
66 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  46 In 769 Catterick was burnt by the tyrant Earnred 1, and by the judgement of God he himself perished miserably by fire in the same year.
67 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 771 abbot Sigebald 5 died and the teacher Ecgric 2 departed from this life.
68 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 771 Offa 7, king of the Mercians, subdued the people of Hastings by force of arms.
69 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 Abbot Swithwulf 5 died in 772.
70 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 772 ealdorman (dux) Pihtel 1 died.
71 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 773 Hadwine 1, bishop of Mayo, died, and Leothfrith 1 was chosen in his place.
72 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 773 Wulfheah 17, abbot of Beverley, died.
73 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  47 In 773 Æthelberht 8, the bishop of the church of York, received the ministry of the pallium, sent to him by Pope Hadrian 3.
74 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  48 In 774 ealdorman (dux) Eadwulf 50 was taken from the shipwreck of this life.
75 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  48 In 774 King Alhred 1 was deprived of the society of the royal household and nobles, by the counsel and consent of all people, and went to exile with a few companions, first into Bamburgh, and afterwards to Kenneth 2, the king of the Picts.
76 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  48 In 774 Æthelred 7, son of Æthelwald 14, received the kingdom in his place. Crowned with such great honour, he held it barely five year.
77 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  48 In 775 the king of the Picts, Kenneth 2, died; and Ealdorman (dux) Eadwulf 51, seized guilefully by treachery, was after a short space of time killed, buried and forgotten.
78 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  48 In 775 abbot Ebbi 1 paid the debt of nature.
79 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  49 In 777 Pehtwine 1, bishop of Whithorn, departed this life on 19 September, to the joy of eternal salvation. He had had charge of that church for 14 years. Æthelberht 10 succeeded him.
80 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  49 In the fourth year of King Æthelred 7, namely 778, three duces, namely Ealdwulf 11, Cynewulf 5 and Ecga 2, were treacherously killed by the order of the same King by the nobles Æthelbald 7 and Heardberht 4 on 29 September.
81 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  49 In 779 Æthelred 7 was expelled from the royal throne and driven into exile. Then Ælfwald 7, son of Oswald 2, received the kingdom of the Northumbrians and held it for ten years.
82 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  50 The ealdormen (duces) Osbald 1 and Æthelheard 24, collecting an army, burnt Beorn 2, a patrician of king Ælfwald 7 in Seletun on 24 December [780].
83 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  50 In 780 Archbishop Æthelberht 8 departed from this life, having in his lifetime consecrated Eanbald 1 to the same see.
84 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  50 In 780 Bishop Cynewulf 3 resigned secular cares and committed the government of his church to Hygebald 3, by the election of the whole community... In 781 Hygebald 3 was consecrated bishop.
85 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  50 In 780 Bishop Eanbald 1 received the pallium sent to him from the apostolic see, and, having received it, was solemnly confirmed in his bishopric.
86 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  51 Ealhmund 5, bishop of Hexham, a man of outstanding piety and great virtue, after having ruled excellently the aforesaid church for 13 years, ended this life in the reign of the most glorious king of the Northumbrians, Ælfwald 7, in the third year of his reign, on 7 September [781], and was buried next to his predecessor, Bishop Acca 3.
87 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  51-52 More than 250 years after Ealhmund 5's death in 781, he appeared to a pious citizen of Hexham named Dregmo 1, and requested to be translated, with the aid of priest Elfred 1, son of Westueor 1, to a more honourable position within the church. This was done on 2 August [1032].
88 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 781 Tilberht 2 was chosen, consecrated and raised to the throne of the episcopal see [of Hexham] at the place called Wulfeswelleon 2 October [781].
89 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In the fifth year of King Ælfwald 7, Wærburg 2, once queen of the Mercians, then an abbess, died.
90 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 783 Bishop Cynewulf 3 died in the fortieth year of his episcopate.
91 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 786, in the eight year of King Ælfwald 7, Botwine 2, the venerable abbot of the church of Ripon, died, and Ealdberht 14 was elected and consecrated abbot in his place.
92 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 786 Ealdwulf 9 was consecrated bishop by Archbishop Eanbald 1, and by bishops Tilberht 2 and Hygebald 3, in the monastery called Corbridge, and sent back with honour to his church enriched with treasures and gifts.
93 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 786 Ricthryth 1, formerly queen, then abbess, died.
94 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  53 In 786 Cynewulf 4, king of the West Saxons, was killed with a miserable death by a treacherous tyrant Cyneheard 3, and the cruel slayer was himself killed without pity by Ealdorman Osric 6 in vengeance for his lord, and Beorhtric 1 received the kingdom of the West Saxons.
95 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  54 In 788 Ealdberht 14, abbot of Ripon, died. Soon after his death Sigered 1 was ordained in his place.
96 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  54 After a conspiracy had been formed by his patrician Sicga 1, King Ælfwald 7 was killed a miserable death on 23 September at the place called Scythlescester near the wall. Then the body of the excellent king was brought to Hexham by a great company of monks and with the chants of the clergy, and was buried with honour in the church of the most holy Apostle Andrew, built by bishop Wilfrid 2... After the burial of the king, his nephew Osred 3, the son of King Alhred 1, reigned in his place for one year. In the place where the just King Ælfwald 7 was slain a light sent from heaven is said to have been seen by many. A church was built there by the faithful of the district, and dedicated in honour of God and St Cuthbert 1, the bishop, and St Oswald 1, king and martyr.
97 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 790 Æthelred 7 was freed from banishment and again enthroned by the grace of Christ on the throne of the kingdom [of the Northumbrians].
98 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 790 King Osred 3, deceived by the guile of his nobles, taken prisoner and deprived of the kingdom, was tonsured in the city of York, and afterwards, forced by necessity, went into exile.
99 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In the second year of king Æthelred 7 Ealdorman Eardwulf 4 was captured and brought to Ripon, and orders were given by the aforesaid king for him to be killed there outside the gate of the monastery. And the brethren carried his body to the church with Gregorian chants, and placed it outside in a tent, and after midnight he was found in the church, alive.
100 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 790 Beaduwulf 1 was consecrated bishop of Whithorn at the place called Hearrahalch, the "place of the lords". For in the preceding year on the death of the holy bishop Tilberht 2, bishop Æthelberht 10 left his own see and received under his own rule the bishopric of the church of Hexham.
101 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 791 the sons of King Ælfwald 7 were taken by force from the city of York, being brought from the principle church by false promises, and were miserably killed by King Æthelred 7 in Wonwaldremere; their names were Oelf 1 and Oelfwin 1.
102 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 791 Jænberht 1, archbishop of Canterbury, died, and Æthelheard 13, abbot of the monastery of Louth, was elected and consecrated bishop for the same see.
103 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 792 Osred 3 came secretly from exile in the Isle of Man, relying on the oaths and good faith of certain nobles; and as his soldiers deserted him, he was captured there by the aforesaid king Æthelred 7 and killed by his orders at the place which is called Aynburg on 14 September. His body was conveyed to Tynemouth and buried in the church of the same noble monastery.
104 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  55 In 792 Æthelred 7 married Ælfflæd 5, daughter of King Offa 7 of Mercia, at Catterick on 29 September.
105 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  56 In 793 ealdorman Sicga 1, who killed King Ælfwald 7, perished by his own hand, and his body was conveyed to the island of Lindisfarne on 23 April.
106 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  56 In 793 the pagans from the northern regions [Anonymi 1205] came with a naval force to Britain. They came to the church of Lindisfarne, laid everything waste with grievous plundering, trampled the holy places with polluted steps, dug up the altars and seized all the treasures of the holy church. They killed some of the brothers [Anonymi 1206], took some away in fetters, many they have drove out, naked and loaded with insults, some they drowned in the sea...
107 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  57 In 794 Colchu 1, priest and teacher, died.
108 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  57 In 794 Æthelheard 24, once dux, but then a cleric, died in the city of York on 1 August.
109 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 In the seventh year of King Æthelred 7, Alric 5, once ealdorman (dux), then cleric, died in the city of York.
110 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 In 796 King Æthelred 7 was killed near the Cover on 18 April, in the seventh year of his reign.
111 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 The patrician Osbald 1 was appointed to the kingdom by some nobles of the nation [of the Northumbrians], and after 27 days was deserted by the whole company of the royal household and the nobles, but to flight and banished from the kingdom, and retired with a few followers to the island of Lindisfarne, and from there went by ship to the king of the Picts with certain of the brothers.
112 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 In 796 Eardwulf 4, the son of Eardwulf 20, was recalled from exile and raised to the crown of the kingdom, and was consecrated on 26 May in York in the church of St Peter at the altar of St Paul, where that nation first received the grace of baptism.
113 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 On 26 July 796 Offa 7, the most powerful king of the Mercians, died after he had reigned 39 years, and his son Ecgfrith 7 succeeded him in the kingdom, and, death befalling him in the same year, unwillingly paid the debt of nature.
114 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 In 796 Cenwulf 3, father of St Cynehelm 1 the martyr, gloriously received the crown of the kingdom of the Mercians, and held it with unconquered strength by the strong vigour of his government.
115 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 In 796 Ceolwulf 4, bishop of Lindsey, died.
116 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 On 10 August 796 Archbishop Eanbald 1 died in the monastery called Æt Læte, and his body conveyed to the city of York, with a large multitude attending it, and honourably buried in the church of St Peter.
117 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 Eanbald 2, priest of the church of St Peter in York, was elected to the bishopric, the bishops Æthelberht 10, Hygebald 3 and Beaduwulf 1 meeting for his consecration at the monastery which is called Sockburn, on Sunday 15 August 796.
118 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 Eanbald 2, having received the pallium from the apostolic see, was solemnly confirmed in the archbishopric of the people of the Northumbrians on 8 September 797.
119 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 Æthelberht 10, bishop of Hexham, died on 16 October 797 at the place called Barton, and his body was conveyed to Hexham and buried reverently by the brothers of that monastery.
120 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  58 Heardred 2 was elected to the bishopric [of Hexham], and after the passage of a few days, namely on 30 October [797], he was consecrated to the spiritual dignity by Archbishop Eanbald 2 and bishop Hygebald 3 in the place called Woodford.
121 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  59 A conspiracy having been formed by the murderers of King Æthelred 7 [Anonymi 832], ealdorman (dux) Wada 4, in that conspiracy with them, fought a battle against King Eardwulf 4 at the place called Billington Moor, near Whalley, and when many had been killed on both sides Wada 4 turned in flight with his men, and King Eardwulf 4 royally won the victory over his enemies.
122 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  59 In 798, which was the third year of King Cenwulf 3, a synod met in the place called Pincanheale (Finchale?) to pass canons for the church of Northumbria, Archbishop Eanbald 2 presiding.
123 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  59 In 798 Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, invaded the province of the people of Kent with the whole strength of his army, and mightily devastated it with pillaging. At the same time Eadberht 18, king of the people of Kent, was captured, and the king of the Mercians ordered his eyes to be torn out and his hands ruthlessly cut off.
124 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 799 Brorda 2, ealdorman (princeps) of the Mercians, who was also called Hildigils, died.
125 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 799 an abbot called More 1 was killed with a grievous death by his reeve Tilthegn 1.
126 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 799 ealdorman (dux) Moll 2 was killed by the urgent order of King Eardwulf 4.
127 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 799 Osbald 1, once dux and patricius, and for a time king, then indeed abbot, reached his last day, and his body was buried in the church of the city of York.
128 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 Ealdorman (dux) Ealdred 57, the murderer of king Æthelred 7, was killed by ealdorman (dux) Torhtmund 1 in vengeance for his lord the same king.
129 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 800 Heardred 2, bishop if the church of Hexham, in the third year of his administration of the bishopric, saw his last day.
130 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 800 Eanberht 8 was elected and consecrated bishop of Hexham at the place called Cettingham.
131 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  61 In 800 Ealhmund 25, the son, as some say, of King Alhred 1, was seized by the guards of King Eardwulf 4, and by his order was killed along with his fellow fugitives.
132 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  63 Edwine 3, who was also called Eda, formerly ealdorman (dux) of the Northumbrians, then an abbot strong in the service of God, died on 15 January 801; he was also honourably buried in the church of his monastery at Gainsford.
133 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  63 In 801 Eardwulf 4, king of the Northumbrians, led an army against Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, because of his harbouring of his enemies. And the latter king collected an army and led many forces from other provinces with him. When there had been a long campaign between them, they finally made peace by the advice of the English bishops and nobles on both sides.
134 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  63 In 801 Hathoberht 1, bishop of the city of London, died.
135 Event NorthernAnnals.FirstSet  64 In 802 Beorhtric 1, king of the West Saxons, who had nobly ruled the same race for 17 years, died; and Ecgberht 10, from the royal stock of that nation, received and held his dominion and kingdom after him.