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Source Information
Author Bede
Source Title The Greater Chronicles, or Concerning the Six Ages of the World together with the Seventh and Eighth Age
Language Latin


*Latin title: Chronica maiora seu de sex aetatibus mundi una cum septima et octaua aetate *This treatise forms chaps. 66-71 of Bede.TempRat.


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Bedae uenerabilis opera, Pars VI: Opera didascalica 2 Jones, Ch. W. (Charles William) Bedae uenerabilis opera, Pars VI: Opera didascalica 2 Turnhout 1977 463-544


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Wallis, Faith Bede: The Reckoning of Time Liverpool 1999 157-237 and 239-49

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Bede.ChronMaior  467.19 Bede 1 offered a defense against any who might criticize him for raising new questions.
2 Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590 Amongst other gifts Ceolfrith 1 took with him on pilgrimage, he sent a pandect to Rome.
3 Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590 Ceolfrith 1 was buried in the church of the blessed twin martyrs in Langres.
4 Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590 Ceolfrith 1 died when he reached Langres.
5 Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590 Ceolfrith 1 was amongst those making the pilgrimage to Rome.
6 Event Bede.ChronMaior  533.586 By his holy preaching Ecgberht 6 converted many kingdoms of the Scottish people to the canonical observance of the date of Easter.
7 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.570 Cuthbert 1's body was found incorrupt.
8 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.566 Amongst the people of the Frisians Willibrord 1 was making up to the present day innumerable daily losses for the Devil and increases for the Christian faith.
9 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.566 Sergius 1 ordained Willibrord 1 to be bishop to the Frisian people.
10 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.562 The body of Æthelthryth 2 was found incorrupt after sixteen years.
11 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.562 Æthelthryth 2 accepted a place called Ely for a monasterium to be created.
12 Event Bede.ChronMaior  529.562 Æthelthryth 2 became a consecrated virgin, having taken the sacred veil.
13 Event Bede.ChronMaior  527.554 Theodore 1 and Hadrian 2 engaged in ecclesiastical teaching to the very many of the churches of the English.
14 Event Bede.ChronMaior  527.554 Vitalian 1 sent Theodore 1 and Hadrian 2 to Britain
15 Event Bede.ChronMaior  525.541 Edwin 2 gave the episcopal see of York to Paulinus 1.
16 Event Bede.ChronMaior  525.541 Justus 1 had sent Paulinus 1 from Kent to Edwin 2.
17 Event Bede.ChronMaior  525.541 Edwin 2 and his people accepted Christianity through the preaching of Paulinus 1.
18 Event Bede.ChronMaior  523.531 Æthelberht 3 was converted.
19 Event Bede.ChronMaior  523.534 Gregory 1 passed to the Lord.
20 Event Bede.ChronMaior  523.531 Gregory 1 gave Augustine 1 to Æthelberht 3 as his bishop and teacher.
21 Event Bede.ChronMaior  523.532 Gregory 1 wrote to Augustine 1 about the metropolitan status of the bishops of London and York.
22 Event Bede.ChronMaior  523.531 Gregory 1 sent Augustine 1 and others to convert the English.