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Author Bede
Source Title Ecclesiastical History of the English People
Date of composition 731
Language Latin


*Latin title: Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
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Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People Colgrave, Bertram and Mynors, R. A. B. Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People Oxford 1969 (1991) 2-576


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Colgrave, Bertram and Mynors, R. A. B. Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People Oxford 1969 (1991) 3-577

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1 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Hild 1 gained possession of ten hides at Whitby and there built a monastery.
2 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Bede 1 was ordained deacon through the ministration of John 18 on the direction of Ceolfrith 1.
3 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Beorhtfrith 3 fought against the Picts.
4 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Bede 1 was ordained priest through the ministration of John 18 and on the direction of Ceolfrith 1.
5 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Ceolred 1 died
6 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Bede 1 was born in the territory of his monastery.
7 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Aldfrith 1 died
8 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Osthryth 1 was killed by her own Mercian nobles (Anonymi 691).
9 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Beorhtred 2 was killed by the Picts
10 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Eadbald 2 died in 640
11 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Penda 1 perished and the Mercians became Christians.
12 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Augustine 1 and Anonymi 649 arrived in Britain.
13 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Gregory 1 sent the pallium for Augustine 1. He also sent several ministers of the word, among whom was Paulinus 1.
14 Event Bede.HE  v.23 Tatwine 2 was consecrated by four bishops
15 Event Bede.HE  v.24 Gregory 1 sent Augustine 1 and some monks (Anonymi 649) to England to preach the word of God to the English.
16 Event Bede.HE  v.23, 24 Beorhtwald 6 died of old age
17 Event Bede.HE  v.23, 24 Osric 5 died after appointing Ceolwulf 3 as his successor
18 Event Bede.HE  v.23 Tobias 2 was buried in the chapel of St Paul, within the church of St Andrew.
19 Event Bede.HE  v.23, 24 On 23 April in the seventh year of Osric 5's reign Wihtred 1 died.
20 Event Bede.HE  v.22, 23, 24 Ecgberht 6 died on Easter Day after he had celebrated a mass
21 Event Bede.HE  v.22, 24 Ecgberht 6 came to Iona from Ireland and was most honourably received. He taught them how to celebrate Easter and to wear the Petrine tonsure.
22 Event Bede.HE  v.22, 24 Osred 1 was killed.
23 Event Bede.HE  v.21 Adomnán 1 went to see Ceolfrith 1's monastery. When they met, Ceolfrith 1 asked him why he wore the Celtic tonsure instead of the Petrine one. Adomnán 1 replied that he was following the practice of his people, but he longed to follow the steps of St Peter.
24 Event Bede.HE  v.21 Ceolfrith 1 replied with a long letter to Nechtan 1's request, telling him a to calculate the correct date of Easter. He also commended the Petrine tonsure instead of the Celtic one.
25 Event Bede.HE  v.21 Nechtan 1 renounced the error about the observance of Easter and sent messengers (Anonymi 689) to Ceolfrith 1, asking him to send information by letter to enable him to confute more convincingly those who presumed to celebrate Easter at the wrong time.
26 Event Bede.HE  v.20 Acca 3 invited a famous singer (Maban 1) to teach him and his people. He kept him for twelve years teaching them such church music as they did not know, while the music which they once knew was restored to its original form.
27 Event Bede.HE  v.20 Acca 3 went to Wilfrid 2 in the hope of finding a better way of life and went to Rome with him.
28 Event Bede.HE  v.20 Acca 3 built up a very large and most noble library, assiduously collecting histories of the passions and martyrs as well as other ecclesiastical books.
29 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 built the church of St Peter at Ripon.
30 Event Bede.HE  v.20 Hadrian 2 died and was buried in his monastery, in the church of St Mary.
31 Event Bede.HE  v.20 Acca 3 enriched the fabric of the church with all kinds of decoration and works of art. He gathered relics of the apostles and martyrs to put up altars for their veneration.
32 Event Bede.HE  v.19-20 Wilfrid 2 died in his monastery in the district of Oundle.
33 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 was carried by the brothers to his first monastery at Ripon and buried in the church of the blessed Apostle Peter.
34 Event Bede.HE  v.19 A synod was held and after some argument, they all agreed to receive Wilfrid 2 back into the bishopric of his own church.
35 Event Bede.HE  v.19 When Wilfrid 2 arrived, Beorhtwald 6 and Æthelred 2 readily took his part. Cenred 2 agreed to make peace with Wilfrid 2, whereas Aldfrith 1 scorned to receive him.
36 Event Bede.HE  v.19 After being sick for four days and nights, Wilfrid 2 arose and sat up, as if he were awaking from a deep sleep. Then he asked to see the priest Acca 3.
37 Event Bede.HE  v.19 John 17 wrote to Aldfrith 1 and Æthelred 2 bidding them restore Wilfrid 2 to his bishopric because he had been unjustly condemned.
38 Event Bede.HE  v.19 When Wilfrid 2 was again driven from his bishopric, he went to Rome, where he was given the opportunity of defending himself before John 17. It was decided unanimously that his accusers had manufactured false charges against him, at least in part.
39 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 was again accused and driven from the bishopric by the king (Aldfrith 1) and several bishops
40 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 went back to Britain and converted the kingdom of the South Saxons.
41 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 was restored to his episcopal seat and his bishopric at the invitation of Aldfrith 1.
42 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Agatho 2 called a synod of 125 bishops (Anonymi 685) to testify against those who declared that there was only one will in our Lord. Furthermore, it was decided that Wilfrid 2 had been wrongly accused, and so he was declared worthy to hold his bishopric.
43 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 was driven from the see and other bishops were consecrated in his place. He embarked on a ship and was driven by the west wind to Frisia.
44 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Chad 1 was consecrated to the bishopric of York at the command of Oswiu 1.
45 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Ealhfrith 1 sent Wilfrid 2 to Gaul with the counsel of his father Oswiu 1, requesting that he should be consecrated as his bishop by Agilbert 1.
46 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Balthild 1 sent soldiers and ordered the bishop to be executed.
47 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 was ordained priest at Ripon, on the command of the king (Ealhfrith 1), by Agilbert 1.
48 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 returned to Dalfinus 1 in Gaul, where he spent three years.
49 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Eanflæd 1 sent Wilfrid 2 to Kent, where he spent some time, until another young man came (Biscop 2), who also wished to go to Rome.
50 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2's body was placed in a coffin and carried to his monastery at Ripon, where it was buried in the church of St Peter.
51 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Eorcenberht 1 gave Wilfrid 2 to Biscop 2 as a companion and ordered Biscop 2 to take Wilfrid 2 to Rome.
52 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 went to Eanflæd 1 because she knew him and because it was through her counsel and at her request that he had been admitted to Lindisfarne. He told her of his desire to visit Rome.
53 Event Bede.HE  v.19 Wilfrid 2 finished his days in the district called Oundle.
54 Event Bede.HE  v.19, 24 Cenred 2 renounced the throne, went to Rome, accompanied by Offa 3, there they both received the tonsure and became monks.
55 Event Bede.HE  v.18 Many miracles of healing happened on the spot where Hædde 2 died. Men of the kingdom used to take soil from the place and put it in water for the benefit of the sick, and both sick men and cattle who drank it or were sprinkled with it, were healed.
56 Event Bede.HE  v.15 Adomnán 1 went back to Iona and earnestly put before his own monastery the catholic observance of the date of Easter, but he died before he could achieve his end.
57 Event Bede.HE  v.15-17 Adomnán 1 wrote a book on the holy places, based upon information dictated by Arculf 1.
58 Event Bede.HE  v.15, 21 Adomnán 1 was sent by his people on a mission to Aldfrith 1, and stayed for some time in his kingdom to see the canonical rites of the church.
59 Event Bede.HE  v.15, 21 After having been to the kingdom of Aldfrith 1, Adomnán 1 went back to Iona and sought to bring his own people into the way of truth, but was unable to do so. So he sailed to Ireland and explained to the people there the true date of Easter.
60 Event Bede.HE  v.14 Anonymous 277 saw hell opened and Satan in its infernal depths.
61 Event Bede.HE  v.13 Anonymous 276 saw two handsome youths in a vision. One of them drew out a very small book which contained Anonymous 276's good deeds. Then, there appeared an army of evil spirits. They took a volume of enormous size where he found all his sins written down. Then two evil spirits struck him with their daggers.
62 Event Bede.HE  v.13 When Anonymous 276 fell sick, Cenred 2 went in to him and urged him to repent of his wickedness. He answered that he did not wish to confess his sins then, lest his companions should accuse him of doing, for fear of death, something which he would not do when he was in good health.
63 Event Bede.HE  v.12 At the request of Aldfrith 1's, Dryhthelm 1 was admitted to the monastery of Melrose and was crowned with the monastic tonsure. He retired to a secret retreat provided by the abbot (Æthelwald 7).
64 Event Bede.HE  v.11 Willibrord 1 built a church in the place that Pippin 1 gave him for his episcopal see, and preached the word of faith far and wide. He also built a number of churches throughout those districts and established several monasteries.
65 Event Bede.HE  v.12 Dryhthelm 1 was stricken by an illness until he reached his end and died in the early hours of the night. But at dawn he came to life again.
66 Event Bede.HE  v.11 Pippin 1 sent Willibrord 1 to Rome to be consecrated archbishop of the Frisians.
67 Event Bede.HE  v.11 At the request of his wife, Pippin 1 gave Swithberht 1 a dwelling-place on an island in the Rhine. Here he built a monastery in which he dwelt for a time and there he died.
68 Event Bede.HE  v.11 Swithberht 1 left to go to the nation of the Bructeri and led many of them into the way of truth.
69 Event Bede.HE  v.11 The brothers (Anonymi 683) engaged in the ministry of the Word in Frisia chose Swithberht 1 to be consecrated as their bishop. They sent him to Britain, where he was consecrated by Wilfrid 2.
70 Event Bede.HE  v.11 Willibrord 1 hurried to Rome in order to begin the mission to Frisia with Sergius 1's permission and approval. He also hoped to receive some relics to put into the churches he wanted to found.
71 Event Bede.HE  v.10 One of the two Hewalds appeared by night to Tilmon 1. The vision pointed out that the bodies could be found in the place where he saw a light shining from heaven to earth.
72 Event Bede.HE  v.10 When Pippin 1 learnt that Hewald 1 and Hewald 2 had been killed, he sent and had their bodies brought to him and buried with much splendour in the church of the city of Cologne, on the Rhine.
73 Event Bede.HE  v.10 When the barbarians began to suspect that Hewald 1 and Hewald 2 might bring them a new faith, they put them to death.
74 Event Bede.HE  v.10 Hewald 1 and Hewald 2 went to the kingdom of the Old Saxons in the hope of winning some in that land to Christ by their preaching. When they reached the land, they went to a certain 'uilicus' asking him to give them safe conduct to the satrapa (viceroy), but he kept them for several days. When the barbarians realized that they might turn the viceroy away from their gods, they put them to death.
75 Event Bede.HE  v.10 Ecgberht 6 sent twelve men, including Willibrord 1, to preach the Word in Frisia. They first went to visit Pippin 1, who had just driven Radbod 1 out of nearer Frisia. He sent them to preach there, he gave them the support of his royal authority and he also bestowed many favours on those who were willing to receive the faith.
76 Event Bede.HE  v.9 Wihtberht 2 spent two whole years preaching in Frisia.
77 Event Bede.HE  v.9 Anonymous 272 had another vision in which Boisil 1 told him off for delivering his message for Ecgberht 6 in such a careless way. Then Boisil 1 repeated that, whether Ecgberht 6 liked it or not, he had to go to Columba 1's monasteries and call them back to the true line.
78 Event Bede.HE  v.9 Columba 1 was the first founder of the monastery at Iona
79 Event Bede.HE  v.9 Anonymous 272 related to Ecgberht 6 a vision which he had seen during the night. Boisil 1, his master, had appeared to him and said that he should tell Ecgberht 6 that he could not perform the journey he was organizing. He should go instead and give instruction in the monasteries of Columba 1.
80 Event Bede.HE  v.8 Beorhtwald 6 consecrated Tobias 2 to be bishop of Rochester.
81 Event Bede.HE  v.8 Godwin 1 consecrated Beorhtwald 6.
82 Event Bede.HE  v.8 Theodore 1 was buried in the church of St Peter, in which the bodies of all the archbishops of Canterbury are interred.
83 Event Bede.HE  v.7 Ine 1 left his kingdom to younger men and went to the threshold of the apostles.
84 Event Bede.HE  v.8, 11, 24 Theodore 1 died at the age of 88, being old and full of years.
85 Event Bede.HE  v.7 Cædwalla 1 went to Rome to be baptized there.
86 Event Bede.HE  v.7 Cædwalla 1 was buried in Rome in St Peter's church.
87 Event Bede.HE  v.7 Cædwalla 1 gave up his throne and went to Rome to win an everlasting throne.
88 Event Bede.HE  v.6 John 18 consecrated Wilfrid 2 to the see of York.
89 Event Bede.HE  v.6 John 18 was buried in the chapel of St Peter at Beverley.
90 Event Bede.HE  v.6 When Herebald 1 told John 18 the name of the priest who had baptized him, John 18 said that the baptism was not perfect. Therefore, when Herebald 1 recovered from his fall from the horse, he was baptized again.
91 Event Bede.HE  v.6 John 18, Herebald 1 and others came upon a road suitable for galloping their horses. Although John 18 had ordered Herebald 1 not to take part in the game, he could not resist and began to race. But when his horse took a great leap, he fell and hit a stone with his head. His thumb was broken and his skull fractured. On the following day, the bishop went to visit him and blessed him, after spending the whole night in vigil and prayer. He asked him whether he had been baptized and when he heard the name of the priest who had baptized him, he said that he had not been perfectly baptized. Then the bishop started catechizing him and breathed him upon his face. Herebald 1 immediately felt better.
92 Event Bede.HE  v.5 After dedicating a church, John 18 was invited by Addi 1 to come and see one of his servants (Anonymous 269) , who was seriously ill. The bishop went, said a prayer and blessed him. After a while the servant sent to his master, asking for a cup of wine blessed by the bishop. He drank it and got up.
93 Event Bede.HE  v.5 John 18 was called by Addi 1 to dedicate a church.
94 Event Bede.HE  v.4 After a church dedication, Puch 1 invited John 18 to dine at his house. John 18 accepted only at length and with difficulty. He ordered one of the brothers (Anonymous 266) to give Puch 1's wife (Anonymous 264) some of the holy water used for the dedication of the church. John 18 also instructed him to wash the place where the pain was worst. When this was done, the woman at once rose cured.
95 Event Bede.HE  v.4 John 18 was invited by Puch 1 to dedicate a church, not far from the monastery at Beverley.
96 Event Bede.HE  v.3 Cwenburg 3 was afflicted by a grievous illness and had recently been bled in the arm. Hereburg 1 asked John 18 to visit her. When he heard that she had been bled on the fourth day of the moon, he said that they have acted foolishly as it was very dangerous to bleed a patient when the moon is waxing. Nevertheless, he visited and blessed her.
97 Event Bede.HE  v.1 When Guthfrith 2 and two other brothers where returning home from Farne Island, a wintry tempest arose. It ceased only when Æthelwald 8 prayed to God for their life and safety.
98 Event Bede.HE  v.2 John 18 asked his followers to find some poor man to have with them and to benefit from their charity. They found a dumb youth (Anonymous 263), for whom they built a little hut. John 18 told the youth to put his tongue out. He made the sign of the holy cross on his tongue and told him to say something. When the youth had repeated the names of the letters after the bishop, the latter added syllables and words for the youth to repeat after him. Then the bishop taught him to say longer sentences.
99 Event Bede.HE  v.1 Æthelwald 8 died on Farne Island, but was buried at Lindisfarne
100 Event Bede.HE  iv.32 Anonymous 262 had been suffering from a tumour on his eyelid for a very long time and no human cure could aid it. A priest of his monastery (Thrythred 1) had been given some hair of Cuthbert 1's. When he had given a small part of it to a friend of his, he asked Anonymous 262 to put back the rest in the casket. The latter applied the hair to his eyelid at eight in the morning and by midday he had been healed.
101 Event Bede.HE  iv.30 After being attacked by a dire disease, Eadberht 3 died.
102 Event Bede.HE  iv.31 One side of Baduthegn 1's body was afflicted with paralysis. He went to the tomb of Cuthbert 1 and prayed that he might either be healed, or that he might bear the pain with patience. He seemed to fall into a deep sleep as he was praying. When he awoke, he had been healed.
103 Event Bede.HE  iv.30 When the brothers of Lindisfarne (Anonymi 680) opened Cuthbert 1's coffin, they found his body to be incorrupt and all his garments seemed to be perfectly new.
104 Event Bede.HE  iv.29 Cuthbert 1 was buried in the church at Lindisfarne.
105 Event Bede.HE  iv.30 The brothers of Lindisfarne (Anonymi 680) decided to translate Cuthbert 1's body and put it in a new coffin, in the same place, but above the floor. They reported their decision to Eadberht 3 who consented to the plan.
106 Event Bede.HE  iv.29 As Cuthbert 1 had foretold, they died on the same day.
107 Event Bede.HE  iv.29 While they were meeting, Cuthbert 1 told Hereberht 3 that his day of death was close. Having heard this, Hereberht 3 told Cuthbert 1 that he wanted to die with him.
108 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 Seven bishops (Theodore 1 and Anonymi 679) participated to the consecration, which took place in the presence of Ecgfrith 4.
109 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 Boisil 1 foretold all that was to happen to Cuthbert 1.
110 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 Ecgfrith 4 and Trumwine 1, together with many other religious and powerful men, sailed to Farne Island to ask Cuthbert 1 to accept the bishopric of Lindisfarne.
111 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 A synod of no small size was gathered together in the presence of Ecgfrith 4 in a place called Adtuuifyrdi, over which Theodore 1 presided. There Cuthbert 1 was elected to the bishopric of the church of Lindisfarne.
112 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 After having tried without success to grow wheat, Cuthbert 1 asked the brothers for barley. He put it in the same ground long after the proper time of sowing. Yet an abundant crop quickly appeared.
113 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 When some brethren (Anonymi 676) were visiting, they dug in the midst of his dwelling a pit, and on the next day they found it full of water which came from within.
114 Event Bede.HE  iv.27 Cuthbert 1 sought to convert the neighbouring people, for many of them profaned the creed they held by wicked deeds.
115 Event Bede.HE  iv.27 Ecgfrith 4 caused Cuthbert 1 to be consecrated bishop of Lindisfarne.
116 Event Bede.HE  iv.28 After driving away the evil spirits from Farne Island, Cuthbert 1 built a small dwelling-place with the help of the brothers.
117 Event Bede.HE  iv.26, v.24 Hlothhere 1 was wounded in battle with the South Saxons whom Eadric 5 had raised against him.
118 Event Bede.HE  iv.26 Trumwine 1 died at Whitby and was buried in the church of St Peter.
119 Event Bede.HE  iv.26 Trumwine 1 and his companions (Anonymi 675) retired from the monastery of Abercorn.
120 Event Bede.HE  iv.26 Ecgfrith 4 took an army to ravage the kingdom of the Picts.
121 Event Bede.HE  iv.26, v.24 Ecgfrith 4 died in the midst of inaccessible mountains while he was ravaging the Picts.
122 Event Bede.HE  iv.26 Beorht 1 was sent by Ecgfrith 4 to Ireland where he devastated the race.
123 Event Bede.HE  iv.25 Æbbe 2 called Adomnán 2 and asked him about the matter of the fire he had talked about. He said that he had had the vision of a person telling him of the fire which was going to punish the inhabitants of the monastery. As no one, except Adomnán 2 was concerned about their souls' welfare, heaven was preparing vengeance.
124 Event Bede.HE  iv.25 Adomnán 1 went on a journey of some distance from the monastery accompanied by one of the brothers (Anonymous 261).
125 Event Bede.HE  iv.25 After being guilty of a certain sin, Adomnán 2 went to a priest (Anonymous 260), confessed his guilt and asked for advice.
126 Event Bede.HE  iv.25 Adomnán 1 gave himself up entirely to penitential tears and holy vigils and austerity.
127 Event Bede.HE  iv.24 After asking his attendant to take him to the building where they usually took the people who were about to die, Cædmon 1 and his servant (Anonymous 259) began to talk cheerfully. Then he asked for the viaticum. Then, after having made sure that nobody had any quarrel or grudge against him, fell asleep for a little while and ended his life quietly.
128 Event Bede.HE  iv.24 After learning all he could by listening to the course of sacred history, Cædmon 1 turned it into the most melodious verse.
129 Event Bede.HE  iv.24 After having left a feast where people were starting to sing, Cædmon 1 went to the cattle byre and went to sleep. He dreamt that someone was asking him to sing about the beginning of created things.
130 Event Bede.HE  iv.24 After Cædmon 1 had told his master (Anonymous 258) about his dream, he was taken to Hild 1. He was asked to describe the dream in the presence of a number of more learned men.
131 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Hild 1 founded a monastery at Hackness, some distance away from Whitby
132 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Anonymous 257 saw Hild 1's soul ascend to heaven in the company of angels.
133 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 As Begu 1 was resting in the sisters' dormitory, she suddenly heard the bell with which they used to be called together when one of them died. On opening her eyes she seemed to see the roof of the house rolled back, while a light filled the whole place. She then saw Hild 1's soul being borne to Heaven.
134 Event Bede.HE  iv.23, v.24 Hild 1 died after having received the viaticum at cock-crow, and having summoned the handmaidens of Christ who were in the monastery.
135 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Oftfor 1 was appointed bishop in Bosel 1's place at Æthelred 2's command by Wilfrid 2.
136 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Hereric 1was poisoned while he was living in exile under Cerdic 2.
137 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Oftfor 1 went to the kingdom of the Hwicce, where he remained for a long time, preaching the word of faith and setting an example of holy life to all who saw him and heard him.
138 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Bregoswith 1 had a dream that her husband (Hereric 1) was suddenly taken away and she could not find any trace of him anywhere. But suddenly she found a most precious necklace under her garment, which seemed to spread such a blaze of light that it filled all Britain with its gracious splendour..
139 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Oftfor 1 decided to go to Rome, which in those days was considered to be an act of great merit.
140 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Soon after Heiu 1 had founded the monastery, she retired to Kælcacæstir and there she made her dwelling.
141 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Hild 1 undertook either to found or to set in order another monastery at a place called Streanæshalch [Whitby].
142 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Heiu 1 founded the monastery at Hartlepool
143 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Heiu 1 was consecrated by Aidan 1.
144 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Hild 1 withdrew to the kingdom of the East Angles, as she was a kinswoman of the king of that land (Ealdwulf 3).
145 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 When Hild 1 was called back from the kingdom of East Anglia by Aidan 1, she received a hide of land north of the River Wear, where she lived for one year with a small group of companions.
146 Event Bede.HE  iv.23 Through the teaching of Paulinus 1, Hild 1 and Edwin 2 were converted.
147 Event Bede.HE  iv.22 Imma 2 went back to his country and met his brother (Tunna 1).
148 Event Bede.HE  iv.22 When Imma 2's new master (Anonymous 255) realised he could not be bound because his fetters were always loose, he gave him leave to ransom himself. Imma 2 asked and obtained the money from Hlothhere 1.
149 Event Bede.HE  iv.22 When Imma 2 recovered, he was captured and taken to a comes of Æthelred 2. He kept his identity hidden, pretending he was a peasant. When he got better Anonymous 254 ordered him to be bound, which proved to be impossible as his fetters were always loosed.
150 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Cynefrith 2 cut a very large tumour beneath Æthelthryth 2's jaw.
151 Event Bede.HE  iv.21, 22, v.24 A great battle was fought between Ecgfrith 4 and Æthelred 2. Ælfwine 4 was killed. Through Theodore 1's intervention peace was restored between the two kings.
152 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Æthelthryth 2 was buried by her own command in a wooden coffin, in the ranks of the other nuns.
153 Event Bede.HE  iv.19, 20 (poem) Seaxburg 1 decided that Æthelthryth 2's bones should be raised and placed in a new coffin.
154 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Æthelthryth 2 built a monastery in the district of Ely.
155 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 By the spirit of prophecy Æthelthryth 2 foretold the plague which was to be the cause of her death and the number of those of the monastery who were to be taken from the world by the same pestilence.
156 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Æthelthryth 2 received the veil and a habit of a nun from Wilfrid 2.
157 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Æthelthryth 2's flesh would not corrupt after she was buried.
158 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 On his way to Britain John 13 was hospitably entertained by the church at Tours. .
159 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Tondberht 1 died shortly after having married Æthelthryth 2.
160 Event Bede.HE  iv.19 Ecgfrith 4 promised to give Wilfrid 2 estates and money if he could persuade Æthelthryth 2 to consummate their marriage.
161 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 Because of his affection for St Martin, John 13's body was taken to Tours and honourably buried there.
162 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 As John 13 was returning back to his land, not long after he had crossed the Ocean, he was attacked by illness and died.
163 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 John 13 arranged for a copy of the synodical decree that he had brought with him from Rome to be copied in the monastery of St Peter's
164 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 Biscop 2 built a monastery
165 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 John 13 came to Britain from Rome in order that he might teach the monks of St Peter's the mode of chanting throughout the year as it was practised at St Peter's in Rome.
166 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 Biscop 2 often visited Rome.
167 Event Bede.HE  iv.18 Biscop 2 went to Rome for the second time.
168 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 Anonymi 662 were executed after their conversion and baptism
169 Event Bede.HE  iv.17-18, v.24 Theodore 1 discovered that all his bishops were united in the catholic faith.
170 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 Cyneberht 1 baptized them in the fount of salvation.
171 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 Anonymi 662 escaped and crossed over into the realm of the Jutes. They were taken to a place called Ad Lapidem, where they thought they could remain concealed.
172 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 Cyneberht 1 went to Cædwalla 1 and asked whether, if the boys (Anonymi 662) had to be killed, they might first be instructed in the Christian faith.
173 Event Bede.HE  iv.15 Cædwalla 1 came with an army and slew King Æthelwalh 1, wasting the kingdom with fierce slaughter and devastation. But he was driven out by two of the king's ealdormen.
174 Event Bede.HE  iv.15 Cædwalla 1 killed Beorhthun 1 and the kingdom of the South Saxons was reduced to a worse state of slavery
175 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 He captured the Isle of Wight binding himself by a vow that if he captured the island he would give a fourth part of it and the booty to the Lord.
176 Event Bede.HE  iv.16 Wilfrid 2 assigned the priest Hiddila 1 to Beornwine 1 after entrusting the latter with the 300 hides he was given by Cædwalla 1 on the Isle of Wight
177 Event Bede.HE  iv.14 As he had been told by St Anonymous 253 died after receiving the viaticum.
178 Event Bede.HE  iv.13 Wilfrid 2 founded a monastery at Selsey, consisting chiefly of the brothers he had brought with him and established a rule of life.
179 Event Bede.HE  iv.13 Wilfrid 2 granted freedom to Anonymi 661
180 Event Bede.HE  iv.14 While the brothers of the monastery were observing a three-day fast, a little boy (Anonymous 253), who was also afflicted by a virulent plague, had a vision of the most blessed chiefs of the apostles.
181 Event Bede.HE  iv.13 Wilfrid 2 taught the faith to the South Saxons and administered the baptism.
182 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Æthelred 2 recovered the kingdom of Lindsey which had been conquered by Ecgfrith 4. Then, Eadhæd 1 returned and was placed by Theodore 1 over the church at Ripon.
183 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Ecgfrith 4 defeated Wulfhere 1 and conquered the kingdom of Lindsey.
184 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Eadhæd 1, Bosa 1 and Eata 2 were consecrated by Theodore 1.
185 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Gebmund 1 was appointed when Cwichelm 2 left the bishopric of Rochester for lack of means.
186 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Theodore 1 appointed Tunberht 1 to the church of Hexham and Trumwine 1 as bishop of the kingdom of the Picts
187 Event Bede.HE  iv.12, v.24 A dissension arose between Ecgfrith 4 and Wilfrid 2 with the result that the latter was driven from his see while two bishops were put in his place to rule over the Northumbrians.
188 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Theodore 1 consecrated Cwichelm 2.
189 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Theodore 1 consecrated Hædde 2 in London
190 Event Bede.HE  iv.12 Cædwalla 1 renounced the throne, urged on by his love for the kingdom of heaven.
191 Event Bede.HE  iv.12, v.24 After renouncing the throne, Cædwalla 1 went to Rome and died there.
192 Event Bede.HE  iv.12, v.24 At the head of a cruel army Æthelred 2 devastated Kent, profaning churches and monasteries. He also destroyed Rochester.
193 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 Sebbe 1 was buried in the church of St Paul.
194 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 Sebbe 1 died at three in the afternoon when he breathed his last without feeling any pain.
195 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 The coffin in which they wanted to put Sebbe 1's body was initially too short. Afterwards, however, it appeared to be of the right length to fit the body.
196 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 While sleeping Sebbe 1 saw three men in shining robes. One of them told him that his soul would leave his body without any pain and in a great splendour of light. He also declared that the king would die in three days' time.
197 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 As Sebbe 1's sickness was increasing, he was worried that in the hour of death, he might act in a way unworthy of his character. Therefore he asked Wealdhere 2 that at his bed-death there should be nobody except the bishop and two of his servants.
198 Event Bede.HE  iv.11 After urging his wife (Anonymous 252) that they should devote themselves to the service of God, Sebbe 1 went to Wealdhere 2 and received the religious habit he had long desired.
199 Event Bede.HE  iv.10 Anonymous 251's maids led her to the monastery at Barking. She was taken to the cemetery, where she prayed at length.
200 Event Bede.HE  iv.10 Hildelith 1 decided that the bones of the servants and handmaiden of God should all be taken up and transferred to the church of the blessed Mother of God.
201 Event Bede.HE  iv.9 Torhtgyth 1 was suddenly restored by a spiritual vision and her eyes and mouth were opened.
202 Event Bede.HE  iv.9 Not many days after Torhtgyth 1's vision Æthelburg 3 died
203 Event Bede.HE  iv.9 Anonymous 249 asked to be carried in the church and placed in the attitude of prayer. She asked Æthelburg 3 to plead on her behalf the Creator that she might be delivered from the cruel tortures of her disease.
204 Event Bede.HE  iv.9 Torhtgyth 1 saw what seemed to be a human being, wrapped in shroud and brighter than the sun, being raised up to heaven.
205 Event Bede.HE  iv.8 Æsica 1 was attacked by the plague. On the very same day, Eadgyth 1, the nun he called out for when he was dying, was also carried from this world.
206 Event Bede.HE  iv.8 Anonymous 248 was attacked by the plague. One night she had a vision of a light burning in her room and started calling out to those who were attending her, Then she went on to say that she had had a vision of a certain man of God who had died that year. he had told her that at daybreak she would die.
207 Event Bede.HE  iv.7 After Æthelburg 3 enquired with the female members of her monastery about the spot in which they would have liked to be buried, a resplendent light appeared from heaven and moved to the south side of the monastery, pointing out the spot where the bodies were to rest.
208 Event Bede.HE  iv.6 Eorcenwald 1 founded two famous monasteries, one for himself and one for his sister Æthelburg 3, and established an excellent form of monastic Rule
209 Event Bede.HE  iv.6 Seaxwulf 1 founded a monastery.
210 Event Bede.HE  iv.6 Theodore 1 appointed Eorcenwald 1 bishop in London, for the East Saxons.
211 Event Bede.HE  iv.6 Theodore 1 consecrated Seaxwulf 1 as bishop of the Mercians in place of Wynnfrith 1, whom he had deposed.
212 Event Bede.HE  iv.5 After being bishop for 17 years Beorhtgils 1 died
213 Event Bede.HE  iv.5 Bisi 1 was made bishop in Beorhtgils 1's place, when the latter died.
214 Event Bede.HE  iv.6 Theodore 1 deposed Wynnfrith 1 because he was displeased by some act of disobedience.
215 Event Bede.HE  iv.5, v.24 Ecgberht 3 died in July in the year of the council of Hertford
216 Event Bede.HE  iv.5, v.24 Theodore 1 summoned a council of bishops together with many teachers of the church. After Theodore 1's preliminary discourse, they all approved the book of canons laid down by the holy fathers at the Council of Chalcedon. Then Theodore 1 pointed out some specific chapters which deserved special attention. They drew up ten canons.
217 Event Bede.HE  iv.5, v.24 Oswiu 1 died when he was 58
218 Event Bede.HE  iv.5 If Oswiu 1 recovered form his illness, he intended to go to Rome. He had asked Wilfrid 2 to act as a guide, promising no small gift of money.
219 Event Bede.HE  iv.4 Colmán 1 took with him all the Irish (Anonymi 653) whom he had gathered together at Lindisfarne. He also took about 30 English men (Anonymi 654) and first went to Iona.
220 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 A madman (Anonymous 244), who had been wondering from one place to another, came to Chad 1's burial unregarded by the guardians of the church, and spent the whole night there. The next morning he was healed.
221 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Theodore 1 consecrated Wynnfrith 1 as bishop of the Mercians, Middle Angles and Lindsey.
222 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Chad 1 was first buried close to the church of St Mary.
223 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Chad 1's bones were translated to the church of St Peter.
224 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Chad 1 and Ecgberht 6 lived their monastic life in Ireland together.
225 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 While Hygebald 2 was visiting, he and Ecgberht 6 started talking about the lives of the early fathers. Mention was made of Chad 1 and Ecgberht 6 told Hygebald 2 of a man who had had a vision of Cedd 1 taking Chad 1's soul to heaven.
226 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 If there were a violent storm of wind and rain, Chad 1 would enter the church and earnestly devote himself to prayer.
227 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 One day, when Chad 1 was alone in his oratory, Owine 1 heard the sound of joyful singing descending from the sky and reaching the roof of the oratory. After half an hour, he heard the same song ascending to the sky. The bishop then called Owine 1 and asked him to gather the brethren who had gone to the church. Chad 1 urged them to live virtuously in love and peace with each other and follow the Rule. Then he added that the day of his death was close.
228 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 He died because of a plague and was buried in Lichfield.
229 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Chad 1 built himself a dwelling-place in which he could read and pray privately with a few other brothers.
230 Event Bede.HE  iv.2 Theodore 1 consecrated Putta 1 as bishop of Rochester.
231 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Wulfhere 1 asked Oswiu 1 to give the Mercians Chad 1.
232 Event Bede.HE  iv.3 Theodore 1 ordered Chad 1 to ride whenever he was faced with too long a journey.
233 Event Bede.HE  iv.2 Wilfrid 2 was sent to Gaul to be consecrated.
234 Event Bede.HE  iv.2 Wilfrid 2 invited Eddius 1 from Kent to Northumbria.
235 Event Bede.HE  iv.2 Theodore 1 made it clear to Chad 1 that his consecration had not been regular.
236 Event Bede.HE  iv.2 Theodore 1 came to the English church in the second year after his consecration.
237 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 When Ecgberht 3 heard that Theodore 1 was in the kingdom of the Franks, he sent Rædfrith 1 to bring him to England.
238 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 Theodore 1 went to Agilbert 1, who kindly received him.
239 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 Hadrian 2 went first to Emme 1, bishop of Sens, and then to Faro 1, bishop pf Meaux. He stayed with them for a long time.
240 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 They came by sea to Marseilles and then by land to Arles and handed to John 15 the commendatory letters of Vitalian 1. They were kept by John 15 until Ebroin 1 gave them leave to go.
241 Event Bede.HE  iv.1, v.24 Theodore 1 was consecrated by Vitalian 1.
242 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 Wigheard 2 was sent to Rome with the request that he might be consecrated archbishop of the English Church, but he died there with almost all his companions because of a plague.
243 Event Bede.HE  iv.1 Vitalian 1 sent for Hadrian 2 and ordered him to accept the bishopric and go to Britain. Hadrian 2 answered that he was unworthy of such a rank and suggested a certain monk (Andrew 2) instead. The latter could not go because of his infirmities. Hadrian 2 then had to accept, but he also asked for a respite to see if he could find a man suitable to be consecrated bishop. He then proposed Theodore 1 to the pope.
244 Event Bede.HE  iii.30 When Wulfhere 1 found out that part of the kingdom of the East Saxons had apostatized from the faith, he sent Jarumann 1 to correct their error.
245 Event Bede.HE  iv.1, v.24 Eorcenberht 1 died on 14 July 664
246 Event Bede.HE  iii.29, iv.1 After Oswiu 1 and Ecgberht 3 consulted about the state of the English Church, they sent Wigheard 2 to Rome to be consecrated bishop, but he died in Rome before he could be consecrated.
247 Event Bede.HE  iii.29 Having received the letter sent by Oswiu 1 with Wigheard 2, who had been sent to Rome to be consecrated bishop, after the latter's death, Vitalian 1 replied to Oswiu 1.
248 Event Bede.HE  iii.28 Chad 1 visited cities and country districts, towns, houses and strongholds, preaching the gospels.
249 Event Bede.HE  iii.28 Wilfrid 2 introduced many apostolic customs into the English churches, so that all the Irish who had remained among the English either gave way or returned to their own land.
250 Event Bede.HE  iii.28, iv.1, iv.2 Deusdedit 1 was dead by the time Chad 1 reached Kent to be consecrated bishop. He died on 14 July [664].
251 Event Bede.HE  iii.28, v.24 Oswiu 1 sent Chad 1 to Kent to be consecrated bishop of York. But when they arrived there they found that Deusdedit 1 had died and no one else had been consecrated archbishop. Thus, they went to the kingdom of the West Saxons where Wine 1 consecrated Chad 1.
252 Event Bede.HE  iii.28, v.24 Ealhfrith 1 sent Wilfrid 2 to Gaul to be consecrated bishop.
253 Event Bede.HE  iii.27 After Ecgberht 6 had made his vow, he was told by Æthelhun 2 about the revelation he had had. The latter had learned in a vision that Ecgberht 6 was going to live on while he was going to die.
254 Event Bede.HE  iii.27 Ecgberht 6 passed away at the age of 90.
255 Event Bede.HE  iii.27 When he thought he was on the point of death, Ecgberht 6 began to consider his past life. He was so stricken with remorse that he asked God that he might not die until he had had time to make amends. He also made a vow that he would live in exile and never return to Britain. He also promised that he would recite daily the whole psalter to the praise of God.
256 Event Bede.HE  iii.27 Because of a sudden pestilence, which first depopulated the southern parts of Britain and afterwards attacked the kingdom of the Northumbrians, Tuda 1 died.
257 Event Bede.HE  iii.26 It is said that on his departure Colmán 1 asked and obtained from Oswiu 1 that Eata 2 was appointed abbot of Lindisfarne.
258 Event Bede.HE  iii.26, v.24 Colmán 1 took those who would not accept the catholic Easter and returned to Ireland in order to discuss what he ought to do.
259 Event Bede.HE  iii.25-6, iv.1 When the question of Easter, and of the tonsure and other ecclesiastical matters were raised, it was decided to hold a council to settle the dispute.
260 Event Bede.HE  iii.25 Wilfrid 2 was ordained by Agilbert 1, at the request of Ealhfrith 1.
261 Event Bede.HE  iii.25 Wilfrid 2 received his ecclesiastical tonsure in the form of a crown.
262 Event Bede.HE  iii.25 Finan 1 constructed a church suitable for an episcopal see.
263 Event Bede.HE  iii.25 A great and active controversy about the keeping of Easter arose.
264 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 The Mercian ealdormen (Immin 1, Eafa 2 and Eadberht 1) rebelled against Oswiu 1 and set up as their king, Wulfhere 1.
265 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Peada 1 was murdered by the treachery, or so it was said, of his wife (Ealhflæd 1).
266 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Ceollach 1 resigned from his bishopric and went back to Ireland.
267 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Eanflæd 1 asked Oswiu 1 to give Trumhere 1 a site at Gilling to build a monastery and to expiate Oswine 1's unjust murder.
268 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Oswiu 1 brought the campaign to an end in the district of Leeds to the great benefit of both peoples.
269 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Ælfflæd 2 was buried at Whitby together with her parents (Oswiu 1 and Eanflæd 1) and Edwin 2.
270 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 At about the age of sixty Ælfflæd 2 died
271 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Hild 1 gained possession of ten hides and there founded a monastery.
272 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 After the victory against Penda 1, Oswiu 1 gave his daughter (Ælfflæd 2) to be consecrated to God. He also gave 12 small estates for the foundation of monasteries.
273 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 When the battle was joined the heathen were put to flight or destroyed.
274 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Oswiu 1 was forced to promise Penda 1 an incalculable store of royal treasures and gifts as the price of peace, on condition that Penda 1 would cease to devastate.
275 Event Bede.HE  iii.23 After a long time devoted to the reading of the scriptures, Anonymous 240 realized that he had not been baptized.
276 Event Bede.HE  iii.23 Anonymi 645 went to Lastingham when they heard of Cedd 1's death, as they wished to live near the body of their father, but another attack of pestilence came among them and they died.
277 Event Bede.HE  iiii.23 While visiting the monastery at Lastingham, Cedd 1 fell sick because of the plague and died. He was first buried outside the walls, but afterwards his body was buried on the right side of the altar in the church of the blessed Mother of God.
278 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Cedd 1 baptised Swithhelm 1.
279 Event Bede.HE  iii.23 Having received a grant of land from Æthelwald 6, Cedd 1 built a monastery amid some steep and remote hills.
280 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 The two brothers (Anonymous 238 and Anonymous 239) killed Sigeberht 5. When asked why they did it, they could make no reply except that they were angry with the king and hated him because he was too ready to pardon his enemies.
281 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Cedd 1 told Sigeberht 5 that the latter would find his death in the house of Anonymous 238.
282 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Cedd 1 established a church and gathered together a multitude of Christ's servants and taught them to observe the discipline of a Rule.
283 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Cedd 1 established a church and gathered together a multitude of Christ's servants and taught them to observe the discipline of a Rule.
284 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Finding that his evangelistic work had prospered, Finan 1 made Cedd 1 bishop of the East Saxons.
285 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Cedd 1 went to Lindisfarne to consult with Finan 1.
286 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 Sigeberht 5 asked for teachers. Oswiu 1 summoned Cedd 1, gave him another priest and sent them to the East Saxons.
287 Event Bede.HE  iii.21 Ceollach 1 returned to Iona
288 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 The East Saxons rejected the faith when they expelled Mellitus 1.
289 Event Bede.HE  iii.22 At the instance of Oswiu 1, Sigeberht 5 believed and the East Saxons received the faith that they had once rejected.
290 Event Bede.HE  iii.21 After he had won no small number for the Lord in a short space of time, Diuma 1 died.
291 Event Bede.HE  iii.21 Diuma 1 was consecrated bishop of the Middle Angles and the Mercians
292 Event Bede.HE  iii.21 When he was baptised, Peada 1 took with himself Cedd 1, Adda 2, Betti 1 and Diuma 1 to teach and baptise his people.
293 Event Bede.HE  iii.21, v.24 Peada 1 went to Oswiu 1 and asked for his daughter (Ealhflæd 1). His request was granted only on condition that he and his nation accepted the Christian faith.
294 Event Bede.HE  iii.21 Peada 1 was appointed by his father (Penda 1) to the reign of the Middle Angles.
295 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Ithamar 1 consecrated Deusdedit 1 archbishop of Canterbury
296 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Deusdedit 1 consecrated Damian 1 bishop of Rochester
297 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Honorius 1 died on 30 September 653
298 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Thomas 1 died five years after being consecrated bishop of the East Angles
299 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Honorius 1 consecrated Beorhtgils 1 as bishop of the East Angles
300 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Honorius 1 consecrated Thomas 1 in Felix 2's place
301 Event Bede.HE  iii.20 Felix 2 died seventeen years after becoming bishop of the East Angles
302 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 When a very beautiful shrine was built on the east side of the altar, Fursa 1's body was still found without taint of corruption and translated thither with all due honour.
303 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 When the church at Péronne was dedicated, Fursa 1's body was reburied near the altar.
304 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Fursa 1 built a monastery at Lagny
305 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Erchinoald 1 took Fursa 1's body and placed it in one of the chapels of the church which he was building
306 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Seeing that the kingdom and the monasteries were threatened by heathen invasions Fursa 1 sailed for Gaul
307 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 After building the monastery at Cnobheresburg, Fursa 1 longed to free himself from all worldly affairs. He decided to join his brother Ultán 1 in his solitary life.
308 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 On two occasions, while Fursa 1 was ill, he was snatched from his body and taken to the next world where he saw not only the very great joys of the blessed, but also the fierce onslaughts of the evil spirit.
309 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Fursa 1 built a monastery for himself where he could more freely devote himself to his divine studies.
310 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Fursa 1 built a monastery on a site that he received from Sigeberht 3.
311 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 While ill Fursa 1 enjoyed a vision of angels, in which he was directed to maintain the task that he had undertaken
312 Event Bede.HE  iii.18 Sigeberht 3 resigned his kingly office and entrusted it to Ecgric 1.
313 Event Bede.HE  iii.18 The East Anglians were attacked by Penda 1. They dragged Sigeberht 3 to the fight from his monastery.
314 Event Bede.HE  iii.18 Anna 1 was slain by Penda 1
315 Event Bede.HE  iii.19 Fursa 1 came to the kingdom of the East Anglians and followed his usual task of preaching the gospel. He converted many by his example and teaching.
316 Event Bede.HE  iii.18 Sigeberht 3 received baptism while in Gaul, as he was fleeing from Rædwald 1.
317 Event Bede.HE  iii.18 When Sigeberht 3 returned from Gaul to become king, he established a school where boys could be taught letters.
318 Event Bede.HE  iii.17 When Penda 1 came to Northumbria to destroy everything he could, the village in which Aidan 1 had died was burnt down. The buttress alone, against which the bishop had been leaning before dying, was not devoured by the flames. After the church was rebuilt, it was burnt down again because of carelessness. On this occasion too the flames could not touch the buttress. When the third church was built, the buttress was put inside as a memorial of the miracle. Since then, many obtained the grace of healing at this place.
319 Event Bede.HE  iii.17 Aidan 1's body was taken to Lindisfarne, and buried in the brothers' cemetery.
320 Event Bede.HE  iii.17 Aidan 1's body was translated to the new church dedicated to St Peter. He was buried on the right side of the altar.
321 Event Bede.HE  iii.15 As Utta 1 was coming back from Kent with Eanflæd 1, the sea was very stormy. But he remembered Aidan 1's words and poured some holy oil onto the sea, which became calm.
322 Event Bede.HE  iii.16 While Aidan 1 was staying on Farne Island, he saw the flames coming from Bamburgh, which Penda 1 was trying to set on fire. He prayed to the Lord and the winds carried the flames in the direction of those who had kindled them.
323 Event Bede.HE  iii.15 Utta 1, who had to go to Kent and bring back Eanflæd 1, went to Aidan 1 and begged him to pray for the long journey. He intended to go to Kent by land, but return by sea. Aidan 1 gave him some holy oil and said that the sea would be stormy. However, he told him to pour some of the oil on to the sea to make it calm and serene.
324 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 Oswine 1 asked Aidan 1 why he had given the royal horse intended for him to a beggar. Aidan 1 replied that he surely cared more for a son of God than a son of a mare.
325 Event Bede.HE  iii.14, 17, 25, v.24 Aidan 1 only lived for 12 days after the murder of Oswine 1.
326 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 To atone for Oswiu 1's crime, a monastery was built in which prayers had to be offered daily to the Lord for the redemption of both Oswiu 1 and Oswine 1.
327 Event Bede.HE  iii.14, 24, v.24 After disbanding his army, Oswine 1 went with Tondhere 1 and hid in the home of a comes (Hunwold 1), who betrayed him to Oswiu 1.
328 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 Oswiu 1 could not live at peace with Oswine 1. Each raised an army against the other, but Oswine 1 then considered it better to disband it.
329 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 Honorius 1 consecrated Ithamar 1 as bishop of Rochester.
330 Event Bede.HE  iii.14, v.24 Paulinus 1 died after having held the office of bishop for 19 years, two months, and 21 days.
331 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 Paulinus 1 was buried in the sanctuary of the church of St Andrew, in Rochester.
332 Event Bede.HE  iii.14 During his reign, Oswiu 1 was attacked by the Mercian people and by his son Ealhfrith 1 and his nephew Æthelwald 6.
333 Event Bede.HE  iii.13 Acca 3 told Bede 1 of an Irish scholar (Anonymous 231) who was careless about his salvation. When he fell victim of a plague, he sent for Acca 3 and promised to correct his vicious ways, if he was granted any further term of life. He asked Acca 3 for some relics of Oswald 1.
334 Event Bede.HE  iii.13 On their way to Rome, Acca 3 and Wilfrid 2 stayed with Willibrord 1.
335 Event Bede.HE  iii.12 One year after the battle in which Oswald 1 was killed, Oswiu 1 took his head and hands, which had been hung on stakes. He then buried the head in the church of Lindisfarne, but the hands and arms were buried in Bamburgh.
336 Event Bede.HE  iii.12 Oswald 1 died with a prayer on his lips. This had become proverbial in Bede 1's time. The proverb ran 'May God have mercy on their souls, as Oswald 1 said when he fell to the earth'.
337 Event Bede.HE  iii.12 A boy (Anonymous 228), who was at the monastery of Bardney, used to be greatly troubled by recurrent fevers. A brother (Anonymous 229) told him go to Oswald 1's tomb and remain quiet beside the tomb until the time for the return of his fever had passed. The disease fled away and did not dare to touch him again.
338 Event Bede.HE  iii.11 A guest (Anonymous 222), who used to be greatly troubled by an unclean spirit, was hospitably received at Æthelhild 2's monastery. When he had laid down on his bed, he was suddenly possessed by the devil. After various attempts to overcome his madness by various means, he was healed only when a servant (Anonymous 224) took to him the soil of the floor on which the water, used to wash Oswald 1's relics, had been poured out.
339 Event Bede.HE  iii.11 When Osthryth 1 was staying at Bardney monastery, Æthelhild 2 came to visit her. The conversation turned on Oswald 1. The abbess told the queen she had seen the light on the memorable night when the relics had been left outdoors and asked the queen for some of the health-giving soil, on which the water, used for washing Oswald's bones, had been poured out.
340 Event Bede.HE  iii.11 Oswald 1's niece, Osthryth 1, wanted her uncle's body to be translated to the monastery of Bardney, but the inmates did not receive the bones gladly. At night, the relics were left outdoors, under a large tent. But a column of light stretched from the carriage right up to heaven all through the night.
341 Event Bede.HE  iii.10 A Breton (Anonymous 221), travelling near the place where Oswald 1 had been killed, saw a spot which was greener than the rest of the field. Thinking that some holy man had died there, he took some soil. He then went on his way and came to a certain village, where a feast was taking place. He hung up the cloth containing the dust on one of the wall-posts. When a fire started, the whole house was burnt down with the single exception of the post.
342 Event Bede.HE  iii.9 Anonymous 218 reached an inn where he intended to lodge, after his horse had been healed. There he heard that the niece of the patron had been long suffering from paralysis. He told them of the place where his horse was cured. They brought her (Anonymous 219) there and she was healed.
343 Event Bede.HE  iii.9 The horse of a man (Anonymous 218) who was riding past the place where Oswald 1 had been killed suddenly fell ill to the earth. It twisted about from place to place until it came to the very spot where the king was killed. Forthwith the pain ceased and it was completely cured.
344 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 Æthelburg 4 was buried in that part of the church that she had chosen.
345 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 The brothers (Anonymi 642) resolved to raise Æthelburg 4's bones and translate them to another church. On opening the sepulchre the body was found untouched by decay.
346 Event Bede.HE  iii.9, 24, v.24 Oswald 1 was killed by the same heathen people and the same heathen Mercian king as his predecessor Edwin 2.
347 Event Bede.HE  iii.9 Edwin 2 was killed by the same heathen king who killed Oswald 1 later on.
348 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 Æthelburg 4 died when her church was less than half finished.
349 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 Æthelburg 4 began to build a church dedicated to all the apostles in which she wished her body to be buried.
350 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 As Eorcengota 1 was dying, many brothers of the monastery (Anonymi 641) heard choirs of angels singing as well as the sound of a mighty throng. Hurrying out they saw a very great light coming from heaven which bore away Eorcengota 1's soul.
351 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 Eorcengota 1 was buried in the church of the blessed protomartyr Stephen.
352 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 It was decided to take up the stone which covered Eorcengota 1's sepulchre and raise it higher in the same place. While they were doing this, a sweet fragrance arose from the depths of the sepulchre.
353 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Leuthhere 2 was honourably received by the Cenwealh 2 and his people, and he was consecrated by Theodore 1.
354 Event Bede.HE  iii.8 When the day of her death was imminent, Eorcengota 1 went around the monastery visiting the cells of Christ's infirm hand-maiden (Anonymi 640). She recommended herself to their prayers and told them that it had been revealed to her that her death was imminent.
355 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 After being expelled by Cenwealh 2, Wine 1 took refuge with Wulfhere 1 and bought from him the see of London.
356 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 As he was suffering heavy losses in his kingdom, Cenwealh 2 realised that a kingdom without a bishop was deprived of divine protection. So he sent messengers to Agilbert 1, praying him to return to his diocese.
357 Event Bede.HE  iiii.7 Agilbert 1 died in Paris being old and full of days.
358 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Wine 1 was expelled from the bishopric by Cenwealh 2.
359 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Wine 1 was consecrated in Gaul.
360 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 He went to Cenwealh 2 and voluntarily undertook the task of preaching.
361 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Cenwealh 2 grew tired of Agilbert 1's barbarous speech and foisted upon the kingdom another bishop (Wine 1).He divided his kingdom in two dioceses and gave Wine 1 an episcopal seat at Winchester
362 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 After repudiating Anonymous 216, Cenwealh 2 was attacked by her brother, Penda 1, who deprived him of his kingdom. He then retired to the court of Anna 1.
363 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Cenwealh 2 repudiated Anonymous 216.
364 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Cynegils 1 died
365 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Birinus 1's body was translated from Dorchester to Winchester, in St Peter and St Paul's church.
366 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 After Birinus 1 had built many churches and brought many to the Lord, he died and was buried in Dorchester.
367 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 After receiving instructions from Birinus 1, Cynegils 1 was cleansed from his sins in the waters of baptism together with all his people.
368 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Birinus 1 came to Britain on the advice of Honorius 2 and first visited the race of the Gewisse (West Saxons).
369 Event Bede.HE  iii.7 Birinus 1 was consecrated bishop at the Honorius 2's command by Asterius 1.
370 Event Bede.HE  iii.6 When Oswald 1 was killed in battle, his hand and arm were cut off from the rest of his body, and they remained incorrupt up to Bede 1's time.
371 Event Bede.HE  iii.6 Oswald 1 was killed in battle.
372 Event Bede.HE  iii.6 When Oswald 1 had sat down to dinner with Aidan 1, an officer came to tell him that a great multitude of poor people (Anonymi 639) from every district were sitting in the precincts and asking alms of the king. He then ordered the dainties set in front of him to be carried to the poor.
373 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 Anonymi 632 decided Aidan 1 was worthy to be made a bishop and that he was the man to send to instruct the English ignorant unbelievers.
374 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 At a meeting of the elders (Anonymi 632), Anonymous 213 reported that he had made no headway in the instruction of the people to whom he had been sent, because they were intractable, obstinate and uncivilised.
375 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 When Oswald 1 asked the Irish for a bishop to minister the word of faith to him and his people, a man of harsh disposition (Anonymous 213) was first sent.
376 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 After redeeming Anonymi 637 from slavery, Aidan 1 made them his disciples and, when he had trained and instructed them, he ordained them priests.
377 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 Anonymi 636 formed the habit of prolonging their fast on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year, until the ninth hour, with the exception of the period between Easter and Pentecost, instructed by Aidan 1's example
378 Event Bede.HE  iii.5 Aidan 1 was sent from Iona to give the English people instruction in Christ.
379 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Anonymi 635 used tables of doubtful accuracy in fixing the date of Easter.
380 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Columba 1 founded a famous monastery at Durrow
381 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Columba 1 was buried at Iona
382 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Columba 1 received from the Picts the island of Iona in order to establish a monastery there.
383 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Ninian 1 built a church of stone at Whithorn, using a method unusual among the Britons.
384 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Ninian 1's body was buried in the church of St Martin together with those of many other saints (Anonymi 634).
385 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 The Southern Picts received the true faith through the preaching of Ninian 1.
386 Event Bede.HE  iii.4 Columba 1 came to preach the word of God and turned the Picts to the faith of Christ.
387 Event Bede.HE  iii.3 Aidan 1 preached the gospel while Oswald 1 acted as an interpreter.
388 Event Bede.HE  iii.3 Oswald 1 and his companions (Anonymi 631) received the sacrament of baptism while he was an exile among the Irish.
389 Event Bede.HE  iii.3 Oswald 1 sent to the Irish elders (Anonymi 632), requesting them to send a bishop.
390 Event Bede.HE  iii.2 Bothelm 2 broke his arm falling on the ice. He asked one of the brothers to bring him some part of the holy cross of Oswald 1. Forgetting that he had left the moss of the cross in his bosom, Bothelm 2 discovered at midnight that he had been healed.
391 Event Bede.HE  iii.2 Every year, on the day before that on which Oswald 1 was killed, the brethren of Hexham (Anonymi 627) went to the place where Oswald had erected the cross.
392 Event Bede.HE  iii.1 Oswald 1 came with an army and destroyed Cadwallon 1 together with his immense force.
393 Event Bede.HE  iii.1 Cadwallon 1 killed Osric 1 and Eanfrith 2.
394 Event Bede.HE  iii.1 During the whole of Edwin 2's reign, the sons of Æthelfrith 2 (Eanfrith 2 and Anonymi 629) were living in exile among the Irish or the Picts.
395 Event Bede.HE  iii.1 Osric 1 received the mysteries of faith through the preaching of Paulinus 1.
396 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 Paulinus 1 was invited by Honorius 1 and Eadbald 2 to take charge of the church of Rochester.
397 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 Romanus 1 died in the Italian sea, while travelling on an embassy to Honorius 2.
398 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 Uscfrea 1 and Yffi 2died in Gaul in their infancy and were buried in the church with the honour due to royal children and Christian innocents.
399 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 After Æthelburg 1 arrived in Kent, fearing Eadbald 2 and Oswald 1, she sent Uscfrea 1 and Yffi 2 to Gaul to be brought up by Dagobert 2.
400 Event Bede.HE  ii.20, v.24 As the affairs in Northumbria had been turn into confusion, Paulinus 1 took with him Æthelburg 1 and returned by boat to Kent.
401 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 There was a great slaughter both of the Church and the people of Northumbria, perpetrated by Cadwallon 1 and Penda 1.
402 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 In spite of an oath, Penda 1 murdered Eadfrith 1.
403 Event Bede.HE  ii.20 Cadwallon 1 rebelled against Edwin 2 and a fierce battle was fought on the plain of Hatfield.
404 Event Bede.HE  ii.19 Hilarus 1, John 9, John 11 and John 8 wrote to the Irish clergy over the keeping of Easter.
405 Event Bede.HE  ii.19 Honorius 2 wrote a letter to the Irish race whom he had found to have erred over the keeping of Easter.
406 Event Bede.HE  ii.18 In his letter Honorius 2 referred to the pallium which he sent to both Honorius 1 and Paulinus 1, so that when either of them died, the other might put a bishop in his place. He wanted to spare them the toilsome journey to Rome, over great distances of land and sea, for the purpose of consecrating an archbishop
407 Event Bede.HE  ii.18 Honorius 1 came to meet Paulinus 1 in Lincoln to be consecrated bishop of the church of Canterbury.
408 Event Bede.HE  ii.18 Justus 1 died on 10 November
409 Event Bede.HE  ii.17 Honorius 2 sent Edwin 2 letters of exhortation encouraging him and his people with fatherly love, to persevere and increase in the true faith which they had accepted. He also referred to the pallium which he was sending to both Honorius 1 and Paulinus 1, so that when either of them died, the other might put a bishop in his place.
410 Event Bede.HE  ii.17 When Honorius 2 heard about the conversion of the Northumbrians, he sent Paulinus 1 a pallium.
411 Event Bede.HE  ii.16 Anonymous 279 was baptized by Paulinus 1 in the presence of Edwin 2, together with a great crowd of people, in the River Trent, near the city of Littleborough.
412 Event Bede.HE  ii.16 Paulinus 1 consecrated Honorius 1 bishop in the church which Blæcca 1 had built in Lincoln.
413 Event Bede.HE  ii.16 Blæcca 1 built a stone church of remarkable workmanship in Lincoln.
414 Event Bede.HE  ii.16 Paulinus 1 preached the word in the kingdom of Lindsey.
415 Event Bede.HE  ii.15 As soon as he began to reign, Sigeberht 3 made it his business to see that the whole kingdom shared his faith.
416 Event Bede.HE  ii.15 Eorpwald 1 was killed not long after his conversion by a heathen (Ricberht 1).
417 Event Bede.HE  ii.15 Rædwald 1 was initiated into the mysteries of the Christian faith, but on his return home he was seduced by his wife (Anonymous 256) and certain evil teachers (Anonymi 624) and perverted from the sincerity of his faith.
418 Event Bede.HE  ii.15 Together with his kingdom, Eorpwald 1 abandoned his idolatrous superstitions and accepted the Christian faith and sacraments.
419 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Paulinus 1 built a church which was afterwards burnt down by the heathen who slew Edwin 2.
420 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Paulinus 1 baptized in the River Sawle, for they were not yet able to build chapels or baptisteries there in the earliest days of the church.
421 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Æthelhun 1 and Æthelthryth 1 died when they were still wearing their chrisom and were buried in the church at York.
422 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Æthelhun 1, Æthelthryth 1, Uscfrea 1 and Yffi 2 were baptized later on, after the end of Paulinus 1's ministry.
423 Event Bede.HE  ii.14, v.24 Edwin 2 was slain by a cruel heathen hand
424 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Paulinus 1 continued to preach and baptize for six years after Edwin 2's death with the approval of Oswald 1, the new king.
425 Event Bede.HE  ii.14 Edwin 2 set about building a greater and more magnificent square church of stone surrounding the former church made of wood (St Peter's).
426 Event Bede.HE  ii.14, v.24 Edwin 2 received the faith and regeneration by holy baptism with all the nobles of his race and a vast number of the common people.
427 Event Bede.HE  ii.13 At the council summoned by Edwin 2, Coifi 1 volunteered to destroy their pagan temples to set an example to all.
428 Event Bede.HE  ii.13 When asked by Paulinus 1 to keep his promise, Edwin 2 decided to discuss with his counsellors (Anonymi 622) whether he should accept the Christian faith.
429 Event Bede.HE  ii.12 After Rædwald 1 revealed to the queen (Anonymous 256) his plan against Edwin 2, she dissuaded him from it. Then, Rædwald 1 raised a large army to overthrow Æthelfrith 2, met him with a much greater force and slew him.
430 Event Bede.HE  ii.12 While on exile at Rædwald 1's court, Edwin 2 learnt that Rædwald 1 had accepted Æthelfrith 2's bribes. While considering what was best to do, he had a vision of a man who promised him that his enemies would be destroyed and that he would be a most powerful king.
431 Event Bede.HE  ii.11 Boniface 2 wrote to ask Æthelburg 1 to work for her Edwin 2's conversion and pray for him.
432 Event Bede.HE  ii.10 Boniface 2 wrote to Edwin 2, exhorting him to accept the faith.
433 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 When Edwin 2 had been healed of his wound, he summoned his army and marched against the West Saxons.
434 Event Bede.HE  ii.9, v.24 Eanflæd 1 was baptized on the holy day of Pentecost with eleven other people of her household.
435 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 Edwin 2 promised that if God would grant him life and victory over Cwichelm 1, he would renounce his idols and serve Christ; and as a pledge that he would keep his word he gave his infant daughter to be consecrated to Christ.
436 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 On the night before Eomer 1 arrived at the king's hall, to kill him, the queen (Æthelburg 1) had borne a daughter.
437 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 Cwichelm 1 sent an assassin to the kingdom of the Northumbrians to deprive Edwin 2 of his kingdom and his life. He killed a thegn and a retainer of the king and wounded Edwin 2.
438 Event Bede.HE  ii.9, v.24 Paulinus 1 was consecrated bishop to accompany Æthelburg 1 to Northumbria.
439 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 The marriage was the occasion of the conversion of Edwin 2 and his race.
440 Event Bede.HE  ii.9 On his arrival in the kingdom Paulinus 1 set vigorously to work to prevent those who had come with him from lapsing from the faith, but also to convert some of the heathen to grace and faith by his preaching.
441 Event Bede.HE  ii.8 Eadbald 2 wrote to Boniface 2 saying that Justus 1 had helped him obtaining a true conversion.
442 Event Bede.HE  ii.8 Boniface 2 sent Justus 1 the pallium and granted him licence to consecrate bishops.
443 Event Bede.HE  ii.8 Justus 1 consecrated Romanus 1, bishop of Rochester, in his own place.
444 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 Mellitus 1 was buried in St Peter's.
445 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 After ruling over the church for five years Mellitus 1 died.
446 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 A fire was burning the city of Canterbury. When Mellitus 1 arrived where the fury of the flames was at its height, he stopped the fire with his prayers
447 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 Boniface 2 sent letters of exhortation from Rome.
448 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 Laurence 2 was buried in St Peter's church, near to Augustine 1.
449 Event Bede.HE  ii.7 Laurence 2 died in Eadbald 2's time.
450 Event Bede.HE  ii.6 Mellitus 1 consecrated the church that Eadbald 2 had built.
451 Event Bede.HE  ii.6 Eadbald 2 built a church dedicated to the holy mother of God in the monastery of St Peter.
452 Event Bede.HE  ii.6 Eadbald 2 recalled Justus 1 and Mellitus 1 and they came back one year after they had left.
453 Event Bede.HE  ii.6 When Laurence 2 told Eadbald 2 about his vision of St Peter and showed him the marks of his stripes, the king banned all idolatrous worship, accepted the Christian faith and was baptized.
454 Event Bede.HE  ii.6 When Laurence 2 was about to follow Justus 1 and Mellitus 1 to Gaul, he ordered a bed to be prepared in the church. As he slept, St Peter appeared to him and scourged him hard and long, telling him to follow his example and not abandon his flock.
455 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 When Anonymi 618 went to fight against the Gewisse, they and all perished together
456 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 When Mellitus 1 was expelled from the kingdom of the East Saxons, he went to Kent, and after consulting his fellow-bishops, it was decided that they should all return to their country. In Gaul Mellitus 1 and Justus 1 awaited the outcome of the events.
457 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 After a meeting in which Anonymi 618 told Mellitus 1 they wanted to partake of the Eucharist without being baptised, and after Mellitus 1 refused to do what they asked, they expelled him and his companions from the realm.
458 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 Oeric 1 and Hengest 1 entered Britain at the invitation of Vortigern 1.
459 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 Æthelberht 3 established a code of laws after the Roman manner.
460 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 Bertha 1 was buried in the same chapel where Æthelberht 3 was also buried.
461 Event Bede.HE  ii.5 Æthelberht 3 was buried in the chapel of St Martin, within the church of the Apostles St Peter and St Paul.
462 Event Bede.HE  ii.5, v.24 Æthelberht 3 died on 24th February, on the 21st year after Augustine 1 had been sent to England.
463 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 After expelling every abomination from the Pantheon, Boniface 1 made a church of it dedicated to the holy Mother of God.
464 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 Boniface 1 sent letters to Laurence 2 and all the clergy, as well as a letter to Æthelberht 3.
465 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 Boniface 1 summoned a synod of the bishops of Italy to draw up regulations concerning monastic life and harmony.
466 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 Mellitus 1 went to Rome to confer with Boniface 1 about the needs of the English church.
467 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 Laurence 2, Justus 1 and Mellitus 1 beseeched and warned Anonymi 614 to keep the unity of peace and of catholic observance with the Church of Christ.
468 Event Bede.HE  ii.4 Augustine 1 consecrated Laurence 2 during his lifetime lest, when he was dead, the church might begin to falter if deprived of its shepherd even for an hour.
469 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Augustine 1 ended the days of his office in peace
470 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Theodore 1 and Beorhtwald 6 were both buried in the church of St Peter and St Paul's, as there was no more room in the chapel where the other archbishops had been buried.
471 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Augustine 1's body was carried inside the church and honorably buried in the chapel on the north side.
472 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Augustine 1's body was buried outside but close to the church of St Peter and St Paul.
473 Event Bede.HE  ii.3, iii.14 Æthelberht 3 built the church of St Andrew in Rochester.
474 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Augustine 1 consecrated Justus 1 in Kent, in the city of Rochester.
475 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Æthelberht 3 built the church of St Paul in the city of London
476 Event Bede.HE  ii.3, v.24 The East Saxons accepted the word of truth through the preaching of Mellitus 1.
477 Event Bede.HE  ii.3 Augustine 1 consecrated bishops Justus 1 and Mellitus 1.
478 Event Bede.HE  ii.2 Æthelfrith 2 collected a great army at Chester and attacked first the British priests who had gathered to pray for their army and then he destroyed the remainder of their host.
479 Event Bede.HE  ii.2 Seven British bishops and many learned men, chiefly from Bangor (Anonymi 609), came to meet Augustine 1 for the second time.
480 Event Bede.HE  ii.2 As Anonymi 609 were about to set out for the meeting with Augustine 1, they went first to a certain man (Anonymous 234) who lived as a hermit to consult him.
481 Event Bede.HE  ii.2 As the British bishops were unwilling to give up their traditions, Augustine 1 suggested that some sick man (Anonymous 223) should be brought, so that the faith of the person by whose prayers he was healed could be considered as in accordance with God's will. As the British bishops did not manage to heal the blind man, Augustine 1 finally restored his sight.
482 Event Bede.HE  ii.2 Augustine 1 summoned the bishops and teachers of the neighbouring British kingdom (Anonymi 607) to a conference at a place which was subsequently called 'Augustine's oak'. After a long dispute they were unwilling to give their assent, preferring their own traditions.
483 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 asked Pelagius 1 to send some ministers of the word in Britain.
484 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 saw some English boys (Anonymi 606) put for sale in a market place in Rome. On seeing them he asked from what land they had been brought, whether they were Christians or still heathen. He also asked for the name of their race and their kingdom.
485 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 was buried in the church of St Peter, before the sanctuary
486 Event Bede.HE  ii.1, v.24 Gregory 1 departed this life and passed to the true life in heaven
487 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 arranged that masses should be celebrated in the churches of the apostles St Peter and St Paul over their bodies. Moreover, in the celebration of the mass, he added three petitions.
488 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Augustine 1 and his companions (Anonymi 649) led the English race to the knowledge of the truth, not only by preaching the word but also by showing heavenly signs.
489 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 By sending preachers to Britain, Gregory 1 made this race partakers of everlasting freedom.
490 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 composed a book of answers to the questions of Augustine 1, which Bede 1 has included in his HE.
491 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 In collaboration with the bishops of Italy (Anonymi 604), Gregory 1 composed a useful Synodical book, dealing with some of the Church's vital problems.
492 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 made four books of Dialogues in which, at the request of Peter 4, his deacon, he collected the virtues of the most famous saints he knew or could learn of in Italy.
493 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 proved that Eutychius 1's dogma was contrary to the orthodox belief.
494 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Urged by his brethren (Anonymi 603) in Constantinople, Gregory 1 composed an interpretation of the book of Job.
495 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 turned his own house into a monastery
496 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 and Peter 6 talked privately.
497 Event Bede.HE  ii.1 Gregory 1 died and was taken up to reign for ever in the kingdom of heaven.
498 Event Bede.HE  i.34 Theobald 1 died in the battle of Degsastan with all his army.
499 Event Bede.HE  i.34, v.24 Aedán 1 marched against Æthelfrith 2, but he was defeated and fled with few survivors.
500 Event Bede.HE  i.34 Æthelfrith 2 ravaged the Britons more extensively than any other English ruler. No ruler or king had subjected more land to the English race or settled it, having first either exterminated or conquered the natives.
501 Event Bede.HE  i.33 Thanks to a heavenly light which appeared every night above Peter 4's first, unworthy grave, the inhabitants of the place saw that it was a saint who had been buried there. After making enquiries they removed the body and put it in a church in Boulogne.
502 Event Bede.HE  i.33 Peter 4 was sent on a mission to Gaul and was drowned in a bay of the sea known as Ambleteuse
503 Event Bede.HE  i.33 The church was consecrated by Laurence 2
504 Event Bede.HE  i.33 Augustine 1 founded a monastery to the east of the city of Canterbury, in which Æthelberht 3 built the church of the Apostles St Peter and St Paul.
505 Event Bede.HE  i.33 Augustine 1 dedicated the church in the name of the holy Saviour, our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, and there he established a dwelling for himself and all his successors.
506 Event Bede.HE  i.33 Augustine 1, with the help of Æthelberht 3, restored a church, which had been built in ancient times by Roman believers.
507 Event Bede.HE  i.32 Gregory 1 sent Æthelberht 3 a letter and numerous gifts of every kind.
508 Event Bede.HE  i.31 In one of Gregory 1's letters Augustine 1 is said to have performed many miracles among the English.
509 Event Bede.HE  i.31 Gregory 1 exhorted Augustine 1 not to incur the danger of being elated by the great number of the miracles he had been performing.
510 Event Bede.HE  i.30 Gregory 1 sent a letter to Mellitus 1 after his departure from Italy to instruct him on what he should tell Augustine 1 concerning the idol temples of the English.
511 Event Bede.HE  i.29 Gregory 1 sent Augustine 1 a letter announcing the despatch of the pallium and giving him instruction about the future organisation of the English church and the relation between the respective authority of the bishop of London and the bishop of York.
512 Event Bede.HE  i.29, v.24 Gregory 1 sent Augustine 1 more colleagues and ministers of the word together with his messengers.
513 Event Bede.HE  i.27-28 Gregory 1 wrote to Vergilius 1, asking him to receive Augustine 1 (in case he came to see him) and to accept his advice on matters concerning bishops' behaviour.
514 Event Bede.HE  i.27 When Augustine 1 sent Laurence 2 and Peter 4 to Rome, he also asked Gregory 1's advice about certain urgent questions to which he replied in his Libellus Responsionum
515 Event Bede.HE  i.27 Augustine 1 sent to Rome the priest Laurence 2 and the monk Peter 4 to inform the Gregory 1 that the English race had received the faith of Christ and that he himself had been made their bishop.
516 Event Bede.HE  i.27 Augustine 1 went to Arles, and in accordance to the command of Gregory 1, was consecrated archbishop of the English by Etherius 1
517 Event Bede.HE  i.26 At last Æthelberht 3 believed and was baptized, being attracted by the pure life of the saints and by their most precious promises.
518 Event Bede.HE  i.26 In the church of St Martin Augustine 1 and Anonymi 649 first began to meet to chant the psalms, to pray, to say mass, to preach, and to baptize.
519 Event Bede.HE  i.26 As soon as Augustine 1 and Anonymi 649 had entered the dwelling place allotted to them, they began to imitate the way of life of the apostles and of the primitive church.
520 Event Bede.HE  i.26 Bertha 1 used to pray in a church built in ancient times in honour of St. Martin.
521 Event Bede.HE  i.25 Æthelberht 3 gave Augustine 1 and his companions a dwelling in the city of Canterbury. As they approached the city, they sang a litany in unison.
522 Event Bede.HE  i.25 Æthelberht 3 came to the island and commanded Augustine 1 and his comrades (Anonymi 649) to come to talk to him. They met in the open air, and at the king's command Augustine 1 and his companions sat down and preached the word of life to himself and all his "comites".
523 Event Bede.HE  i.25 Æthelberht 3 ordered Augustine 1 and his companions (Anonymi 649) to remain on the island where they had landed and be provided with all things necessary until he had decided what to do with them.
524 Event Bede.HE  i.25 Augustine 1 sent to Æthelberht 3 to say that he had come from Rome bearing the certain promise of eternal joys in heaven.
525 Event Bede.HE  i.25, v.24 Augustine 1 landed with his companions (Anonymi 649) on the island of Thanet.
526 Event Bede.HE  i.24 Gregory 1 wrote to Etherius 1, asking him to receive Augustine 1 on his return to Britain and commending the priest Candidus 1.
527 Event Bede.HE  i.23 Gregory 1 sent the monks (Anonymi 649) an encouraging letter in which he persuaded them to persevere with their task.
528 Event Bede.HE  i.23 The monks (Anonymi 649) sent home Augustine 1 who was to beg Gregory 1 humbly for permission to give up so dangerous and uncertain a journey.
529 Event Bede.HE  i.23 After going a little while on their journey, Anonymi 649 were paralysed with terror and began to contemplate returning home rather than going to a barbarous, fierce, and unbelieving nation whose language they did not even understand.
530 Event Bede.HE  i.23, v.24 Gregory 1 sent Augustine 1 and several other monks to preach the word of God to the English race.
531 Event Bede.HE  Preface Through the ministry of Cedd 1 and Chad 1 the kingdom of Essex recovered the faith which it had formerly rejected.
532 Event Bede.HE  Preface Cedd 1 and Chad 1 founded the monastery at Lastingahm
533 Event Bede.HE  Preface Through the ministry of Cedd 1 and Chad 1, the kingdom of Mercia achieved the faith of Christ which it had never known.
534 Event Bede.HE  Preface Nothhelm 2 brought to Bede 1 the letters he found in Rome
535 Event Bede.HE  Preface Nothhelm 2 went to Rome to search through the archives of the holy Roman church.
536 Event Bede.HE  Preface Bede 1 tells from what sources he gained his information.
537 Event Bede.HE  Preface Bede 1 sent his historical work to Ceolwulf 3 for copying and fuller study
538 Event Bede.HE  Preface Bede 1 submitted his historical work for Ceolwulf 3's perusal and criticism.
539 Event Bede.HE  iii.28 Anonymi 650 kept Easter Sunday according to the British practice
540 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.1 Theodore 1 granted the monastery of St Peter in Canterbury to Hadrian 2.
541 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.3 50 hides of land to build a monastery
542 Transaction Bede.HE  i.25 King Æthelberht 3 gave Augustine 1 and his followers somewhere to settle in Canterbury, suitable to their rank.
543 Transaction Bede.HE  i.26 possessions of various kinds for their needs
544 Transaction Bede.HE  i.26 possessions of various kinds
545 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.3 many gifts on the bishop of the church of St Paul in London and both lands and possessions for the maintenance of the bishop's retinues.
546 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.3 many gifts on the bishop of the church of St Andrew in Rochester and both lands and possessions for the maintenance of the bishop's retinues.
547 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.3 many gifts on the bishop of the church of Canterbury and both lands and possessions for the maintenance of the bishop's retinues.
548 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.10 a robe embroidered with gold and a garment from Ancyra
549 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.11 a silver mirror and an ivory comb adorned with gold
550 Transaction Bede.HE  ii.4 the temple at Rome known as the Pantheon
551 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.14 the same horse Aidan 1 had received from Oswine 1
552 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.25 a monastery of forty hides at Ripon
553 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.13 87 hides of land at Selsey to maintain his exiled followers
554 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.16 a fourth part of the land on the Isle of Wight, that is 300 hides
555 Transaction Bede.HE  v.19 ten hides at Stamford
556 Transaction Bede.HE  v.19 a monastery with thirty hides at Ripon
557 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.23 He asked Cedd 1 to accept a grant of land on which to build a monastery
558 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.14 an excellent horse
559 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.24 a site at Gilling to build a monastery
560 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.18 land for the founding of the monastery of St Peter
561 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.29 In accordance with the law, he gave every year a tenth part to the poor, not only of his beasts but also of his corn and fruit and his garments as well.
562 Transaction Bede.HE  iii.29 a cross with a golden key made from the fetters of St Peter and St Paul
563 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.1 presents and no small number of gold and silver vessels from Ecgberht 3 and Oswiu 1
564 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.11 no small sum of money to be distributed to the poor
565 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.12 a church and a small estate
566 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.13 Two provinces : the Isle of Wight and the province of the Meonware
567 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.16 the land that Wilfrid 2 had been granted by Cædwalla 1
568 Transaction Bede.HE  iv.18 A letter of privileges, protecting the liberty of the monastery of St Peter
569 Transaction Bede.HE  v.12 one third of everything he possessed.
570 Event Bede.HE  iii.24 Diuma 1 died and was buried among the Middle Angles.
571 Event Bede.HE