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Source Information
Author Anonymous
Source Title Anonymous Life of Ceolfrith
Date of composition not long after 716
Language Latin


The date of composition is from @EHD, p. 758


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
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Venerabilis Baedae opera historica Plummer, Charles Historia abbatum auctore anonymo Oxford 1896 388-404


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Farmer, D. H. The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith London 1998 213-29

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  5 Biscop 2 travelled in the regions of Gaul and Italy, and even of the islands (i.e., Lérins).
2 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  40 (39 in translation) The fragrance of a wonderful smell filled the church. This was followed by a light, which, after no short time, arose to the roof of the church.
3 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  39 Gregory 2 wrote in reply to Hwætberht 1's letter
4 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  38 They preferred to dwell in Langres through love of Ceolfrith 1 buried there
5 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  37 Anonymi 488 decided to complete their journey to deliver the presents that Ceolfrith 1 had sent.
6 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  37 They decided to return home and tell about Ceolfrith 1's death.
7 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  36 Ceolfrith 1's body was brought for about 3 miles to Gangulf 1's monastery, about a mile and half south of the city of Langres.
8 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  35 Gangulf 1 met Ceolfrith 1 while the latter was on his way to Langres.
9 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  34 Anonymous 160 had organized a banquet for the king but the necessities of the war had prevented his coming. Then he caused all the poor, the strangers and the sick to be summoned for the feast.
10 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  32, 35-6, 39 Ceolfrith 1 arrived at Langres on Friday 25 September, at about the third hour of the day. There he died.
11 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  30 Hwætberht 1 wrote a letter to Gregory 2 in order to commend Ceolfrith 1.
12 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  31-32 Before Ceolfrith 1 reached the coast of Gaul he landed in three provinces. When he reached Gaul, he was warmly welcomed by Chilperic 1.
13 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  29 There came from the monastery of St Paul several brothers (Anonymi 482) and by unanimous consent they chose Hwætberht 1 as their new abbot.
14 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  29 Hwætberht 1 prepared presents to send to the Pope and followed in Ceolfrith 1's footsteps with some of the brothers (Anonymi 484). He found him in Ælfberht 1's monastery.
15 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  28 Anonymi 481 went back to the church, and after the office was ended they took counsel what to do. They decided to start fasting on the following day until Saturday at the ninth hour. They would also add several psalms to each of the appropriate hours and they would all pray to God that he should indicate a worthy abbot.
16 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  26, 27, 31 After giving each of the brethren the kiss of peace, Ceolfrith 1 went on board ship and sat down in the prow.
17 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  25-26 After leaving St Paul's (Jarrow), Ceolfrith 1 returned to St Peter's monastery. They sung Mass at St Peter's and St Mary's.
18 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  21-25 Ceolfrith 1 decided he would go on pilgrimage to Rome. He prepared a ship and drew up a list of envoys he would send to Rome. He decided which gifts to offer to St Peter and obtained enough of everything for the journey.
19 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20 Ceolfrith 1 copiously increased the library which he and Biscop 2 had brought from Rome. Among other projects he had three bibles copied: two of them he placed in his monasteries' churches, while the third one he decided to offer when he was going to Rome as a gift to St Peter.
20 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20 Ceolfrith 1 sent envoys (Anonymi 480) to Rome. They asked and obtained from Sergius 1 a letter of privilege.
21 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  18 The bones of Eosterwine 1 and Sigefrith 3 were translated to the east of the altar, where Biscop 2 was also buried.
22 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  18 Biscop 2 was buried to the east of the altar
23 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  17, 19 Biscop 2 died after suffering from long infirmity.
24 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  17 Sigefrith 3died , tested by long illness
25 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  16, 17 After taking counsel with the brethren, Biscop 2 appointed Ceolfrith 1 abbot of each monastery, enjoining that they should always be ruled by one abbot.
26 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  15 Biscop 2 returned laden as always with goods from abroad. He was deeply grieved by all the deaths which had occurred. He rejoiced however that Sigefrith 3 had been chosen as abbot in place of Eosterwine 1.
27 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  14 Because of a plague all those who could sing antiphons and responsories had died in Ceolfrith 1's monastery, except Ceolfrith 1 himself and Anonymous 159. Initially Ceolfrith 1 ordered the custom to be interrupted, but after one week he decided that the psalms with antiphons should be resumed as before.
28 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  13 The brethren of Monkwearmouth (Anonymi 479) with Ceolfrith 1's advice chose as their abbot Sigefrith 3.
29 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  13 Eosterwine 1 died together with many monks from both monasteries (Monkwearmouth and Jarrow) because of a sudden outbreak of plague.
30 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  12 Biscop 2 appointed Eosterwine 1 as ruler of Monkwearmouth because Biscop 2 often used to be called to the king for his innate wisdom and mature counsel.
31 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  12 Ceolfrith 1 began to build the church for which Ecgfrith 4 himself had marked out the site of the altar. They proceeded very quickly.
32 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  11 Ceolfrith 1 was entrusted with the task of founding a second monastery dedicated to St Paul.
33 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  9, 10 Biscop 2 decided to go to Rome to bring back many books, relics, pictures of biblical events and other gifts. Above all he planned to bring back teachers to establish the order of chant and ceremonies according to the usage of the Roman rite. Ceolfrith 1 accompanied him. In Rome they learnt many of the Church's laws and brought back with them to England John 13, the archcantor of the Roman Church.
34 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  7, 9 Biscop 2 and Anonymi 476 built very quickly a church of excellent workmanship. It was dedicated in honour of St Peter.
35 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  8 As Ceolfrith 1 was finding his office of prior irksome, he returned to his former monastery.
36 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  8 Overcome by Biscop 2's request for his return, Ceolfrith 1 went back and continued all they had begun in the foundation and organization of the monastery.
37 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  7 Biscop 2 went to Gaul and asked Torhthelm 1 for master-builders (Anonymi 476) by whose directions and work he could build a church of stone.
38 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  5-7 Biscop 2 decided to found a monastery and obtained that Wilfrid 2 gave him Ceolfrith 1 as a helper. They began to build the monastery close to the mouth of the River Wear.
39 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  4 After visiting Kent and East Anglia Ceolfrith 1 returned home as well informed as possible after a short stay, so that no one could be found more informed than he in monastic and clerical rule.
40 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  4 In the kingdom of the East Angles Ceolfrith 1 saw the monastic observance of Botwulf 1
41 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  3 They all died because of a plague
42 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  3 At the invitation of Wilfrid 2, Tunberht 1and Ceolfrith 1 left to go to Ripon.
43 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  3 Ceolfrith 1 was chosen by Wilfrid 2 and ordered priest.
44 Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  2 Cynefrith 1 left for Ireland to pursue the study of the Scriptures and to serve the Lord more freely in prayer and penance.
45 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  37 a Bible which was delivered in Rome after Ceolfrith 1 died at Langres.
46 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  7 fifty hides of land to build a monastery
47 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  7 fifty hides of land to build a monastery
48 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  11 an estate of 40 hides on which a monastery and church of St Paul could arise
49 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  16 a written privilege for Biscop 2's monasteries
50 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20 a privilege
51 Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20 a letter of privilege