Source: Textual EditionAgatho.Ep.B48

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Source Information
Part of Group popes.monastic privileges
Author Agatho
Source Title Letter to King Æthelred
Date of composition 680
Language Latin


*The letter has also been preserved in Old English (see B49). *Considered spurious by most scholars.

Event/Transaction List

Factoid Type Source Reference Short Description
1 Event Agatho.Ep.B48  p. 75 Seaxwulf 1 founded the monastery of Medeshamstede
2 Event Agatho.Ep.B48  pp. 74-7 Following Æthelred 2's request, the Agatho 2 sent a privilege for the monastery of Medeshamstede (Peterborough)
3 Event Agatho.Ep.B48  p. 77 Vitalian 1 sent Theodore 1 to Britain