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Source Information
Author Anonymous
Source Title Metrical Calendar of Ramsey
Date of composition Late tenth century
Language Latin


*@Lapidge 1993, p. 379, concludes: '[B]oth MCY [= Metrical Calendar of York] and MCH [= Metrical Calendar of Hampson] were laid under contribution by the poet of MCR.... Most importantly, the discovery of MCR provides us for the first time with an example of poetic composition from late tenth-century Ramsey--a monastic centre which, as recent studies are beginning to show, was the focal point of considerable intellectual activity at that time.'


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Anglo-Latin Literature 900-1066 Lapidge, Michael A Tenth-Century Metrical Calendar from Ramsey London and Rio Grande, OH 1993 343-86 and 489, at pp. 380-6

Factoid List

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Office CalendRamsey  80 Oswald 1 held office of King
Office CalendRamsey  52 Augustine 1 held office of Bishop (Bishop of the English)
Office CalendRamsey  32 Oswald 8 held office of Archbishop
Event CalendRamsey  122 On the twice-three ides [= 8 December] ascend to heaven, Budoc 1.
Event CalendRamsey  116-17 Edmund 6, adorned with honour, seeks the stars of heaven; the inhabitants of England (Anonymi 2035) rejoice with supportive praises.
Event CalendRamsey  95 On this day Eadgyth 4 is joined to the heavenly citizens.
Event CalendRamsey  80 Oswald 1 on his death acquired a heavenly kingdom.
Event CalendRamsey  80 Oswald 1 [was killed].
Event CalendRamsey  71 Cynehelm 1 has joined with the saints in purple in heaven.
Event CalendRamsey  61 ∆thelthryth 2 has climbed the highest summit of the heavens.
Event CalendRamsey  52-3 Augustine 1, the virtuous one, has rightly been placed with the saints in the shining citadel of heaven.
Event CalendRamsey  35 Cuthbert 1 held the thirteenth kalends [= 20 March].
Event CalendRamsey  33 Hither Gregory 1 gilds the fourth ides of March [= 12 March].
Event CalendRamsey  31 The highest courtyard of God in heaven lay open to Oswald 1, who was seeking [it], on the day before March [= 28 February].
PersonInfo CalendRamsey  52-3 Augustine 1 the virtuous one, rightly placed with the saints in the shining citadel of heaven
PersonInfo CalendRamsey  117 Anonymi 2035 the inhabitants of England
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  31 Oswald 8 (Oswaldus)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  33 Gregory 1 (Gregorius)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  35 Cuthbert 1 (Cuthbertus)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  52 Augustine 1 (Augustinus)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  61 ∆thelthryth 2 (∆ĢeldryĢa)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  71 Cynehelm 1 (Koenelmus)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  80 Oswald 1 (Oswold<us>)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  95 Eadgyth 4 (Eadgitha)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  116 Edmund 6 (Eadmundus)
RecordedNames CalendRamsey  122 Budoc 1 (Budoc)