Source: Textual EditionDaniel.Ep.T64

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Source Information
Part of Group Boniface-Lul.Epistolae
Author Daniel
Source Title Letter to Boniface
Date of composition [742x6]
Language Latin

Factoid List

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Event Daniel.Ep.T64  pp. 132-6 Daniel 1 replied to Boniface 5's inquiries and complaints about his intercourse with false priests. Daniel 1 reassured him that what he was doing was right by quoting several authorities, both from the Bible and the Church Fathers' writings.
Authorship Daniel.Ep.T64  pp. 132-6 Daniel 1 Author of a letter to Boniface
Office Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Boniface 5 held office of Archbishop
Personal Relationship Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Boniface 5 was Brother of Daniel 1
PersonInfo Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Daniel 1 servant of the people of God
PersonInfo Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Boniface 5 most reverend lord
PersonInfo Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 133 Boniface 5 Your Excellence
RecordedNames Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Daniel 1 (Daniel)
RecordedNames Daniel.Ep.T64  p. 132 Boniface 5 (Bonifatius)