Source: Textual EditionCynewulf.Ep.T139

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Source Information
Part of Group Boniface-Lul.Epistolae
Author Cynewulf
Source Title Letter to Lull
Date of composition [757x86]
Language Latin


*A translation of this letter can also be found in Whitelock 1979, English Historical Documents, no. 190.

Factoid List

View Factoid Type Source Ref Primary Person Short Description
Event Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Cynewulf 4 and his bishops (Anonymi 2145) wrote to Lull 1, wishing to renew the relationship established with Boniface 5. They would remember each other in their prayers.
Authorship Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Cynewulf 4 Author of a letter to Lull
Office Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Lull 1 held office of Bishop
Office Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Cynewulf 4 held office of King (King of the Western Saxons)
Office Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Anonymi 2145 held office of Bishop
Office Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Boniface 5 held office of Bishop
Occupation Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Anonymous 867 Messenger
PersonInfo Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Lull 1 most blessed lord to be venerated with special love
PersonInfo Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Lull 1 Your Holiness
PersonInfo Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Boniface 5 most reverend and holy
RecordedNames Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Lull 1 (Lullus)
RecordedNames Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Cynewulf 4 (Cyneuulf)
RecordedNames Cynewulf.Ep.T139    Boniface 5 (Bonifatius)