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Will of Badanoth Beotting.

Charter information
Sawyer 1510
Birch 417
Kemble 238
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Canterbury, Christ Church
Source Information
Scholarly Source Dating 845 x 853


Bond 1878, p. 7, contemporary; Deanesly 1927, p. 4 n. 3, dates it to c. 844; Campbell 1938, authentic; Parsons 1939, p. 14, genuine and contemporary; Robertson, Charters, pp. 269-71; Brooks 1984, pp. 148, 159 and 357 n. 22, p. 361 n. 70, scribe also wrote S 296, 1194; Keynes 1990, p. 252 n. 101; Pelteret 1995, p. 277; S 296.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Robertson, Agnes Jane Anglo-Saxon Charters Cambridge 1956 10 [no.6]

Factoid List

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Transaction S1510    Badanoth 4 Beotting to Canterbury, Christ Church; bequest of 16 yokes of land. It was to be in the possession of his wife [Anonymous 1074] and children [Anonymi 2709] for their lives and then revert to the church. After his death his wife and children were to be entrusted to the communitiy for security and protection and guardianship.
Transaction S1510    Badanoth 3 obtained and purchased 16 yokes of land from King Ęthelwulf 1
RecordedNames S1510    Ęthelwulf 1 (Aešeluulf)
RecordedNames S1510    Ęthelred 16 (Ešelred)
RecordedNames S1510    Cyneberht 11 (Cyneberht)
RecordedNames S1510    Tile 1 (Tile)
RecordedNames S1510    Ęthelwulf 15 (Ešelwulf)
RecordedNames S1510    Sigemund 1 (Sigemund)
RecordedNames S1510    Cich 1 (Cichus)
RecordedNames S1510    Dyddel 1 (Dyddel)
RecordedNames S1510    Swithberht 3 (Suišberht)
RecordedNames S1510    Osmund 5 (Osmund)
RecordedNames S1510    Badanoth 2 (Badenoš)
RecordedNames S1510    Wigmund 5 (Wigmund)
RecordedNames S1510    Hysenoth 1 (Hysenoš)
RecordedNames S1510    Beagmund 6 (Bęgmund)
RecordedNames S1510    Ealhhere 11 (Alchhere)
RecordedNames S1510    Ceolnoth 3 (Ceolnoš)
RecordedNames S1510    Badanoth 4 (Badanoš Beotting)
Occupation S1510    Anonymi 2709 Monk
Occupation S1510    Badanoth 4 Monk
Personal Relationship S1510    Anonymous 1074 was Wife of Badanoth 4
Personal Relationship S1510    Anonymi 2709 was Child of Badanoth 4
Office S1510    Ęthelwulf 1 held office of King
Office S1510    Swithberht 3 held office of Deacon
Office S1510    Badanoth 2 held office of Priest
Office S1510    Osmund 5 held office of Priest
Office S1510    Wigmund 5 held office of Priest
Office S1510    Hysenoth 1 held office of Priest
Office S1510    Beagmund 6 held office of Abbot
Office S1510    Beagmund 6 held office of Priest
Office S1510    Ealhhere 11 held office of Dux
Office S1510    Ceolnoth 3 held office of Archbishop
Event S1510    Will of Badanoth 4 Beotting; bequest of 16 yokes of land to his wife [Anonymous 1074] and children [Anonymi 2709] with reversion of Canterbury, Christ Church. The land had been obtained and purchased from King Ęthelwulf 1. In addition Badanoth 4 dedicated himself and his children to God.