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A record of the lands which were identified as having been unjustly taken from the abbey of Ely at a plea convened by Bishop Geoffrey of Coutances and Remigius of Lincoln, Earl Waltheof, and the sheriffs Picot and Ilbert on King William's order.

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Scholarly Source Dating 1071 x 1075

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Event Bates117    A record of the lands which were identified as having been unjustly taken from the abbey of Ely at a plea convened by Bishop Geoffrey 2 of Coutances and Remigius 1 of Lincoln, Earl Waltheof 2, and the sheriffs Picot 1 and Ilbert 1 on King William 1's order. When they had assembled the entire shire as William 1 had ordered, they determined which lands had been held in demesne by the abbey in King Edward 15’s day and then returned them to the demesne no matter who held them.
Office Bates117    Ælfgar 55 held office of Praepositus for Matilda 2
Possession Bates117    Ælfgar 55 1 virgate at Stetchworth
RecordedNames Bates117    Ælfgar 55 (Elfgarus)
Possession Bates117    Ælfric 147 'Ælfric's land' in Beversham.
RecordedNames Bates117    Ælfric 147 (Elfricus)
Possession Bates117    Eadflæd 6 'Eadflæd's land' at Brutge.
RecordedNames Bates117    Eadflæd 6 (Etfled)
RecordedNames Bates117    Finn 2 (Fin)
PersonInfo Bates117    Finn 2 English
Possession Bates117    Finn 2 The soke of 1 plough in Hitcham.
Office Bates117    Godric 42 held office of Priest
RecordedNames Bates117    Godric 42 (Godricus)
Possession Bates117    Godric 42 Land in Rattlesden.
Possession Bates117    Leofwine 86 The soke of 14 vills, namely: Mattishall, Hockering, Tuddenham, the other Tuddenham, Yaxham, Torstune in Thuxton, Thuxton, Flockthorpe, Calveley, Couth Burgh, Rising, Cranwich, Letton, Shipdham.
RecordedNames Bates117    Leofwine 86 (Leuin)
Possession Bates117    Godric 43 Land at Bergh and Apton.
Possession Bates117    Stigand 1 These were vills of the abbey of Ely which Archbishop Stigand 1 used to hold, and from which as much food was supplied to the monks as belonged to it; after his death, King William 1 held Methwold, Croxton, Snailwell, Wood Ditton.
Possession Bates117    Frodo 1 Frodo 1, the brother of Abbot Baldwin 5 of Bury St Edmunds, holds the demesne land of Chedburgh, Suffolk, which Æthelric 79 gave to the abbey with his son Æthelmær 42.
Transaction Bates117    Æthelric 79 and his son Æthelmær 42 granted Chedburgh, Suffolk, to Ely.
Office Bates117    Godric 43 held office of Dapifer
Possession Bates117    Æthelric 79 Hugh 11, a miles of Frodo 1, holds the land which Æthelric 79 used to hold as soke in Depden, Suffolk.
RecordedNames Bates117    Æthelric 79 (Aðritius)
RecordedNames Bates117    Æthelric 79 (Ailritius)
RecordedNames Bates117    Æthelmær 42 (Ailmerus)
Personal Relationship Bates117    Æthelmær 42 was Son of Æthelric 79
Office Bates117    Hugh 11 held office of Miles for Frodo 1
Personal Relationship Bates117    Frodo 1 was Brother of Baldwin 5
Possession Bates117    Bruning 2 Robert 22, a man of Bainard 1, holds the land which Æthelric 79 and Bruning 2 held as soke in Reydon, Suffolk.
RecordedNames Bates117    Bruning 2 (Bruningus)
Possession Bates117    Grim 10 Isaac 1 holds the land which Grim 10 used to hold of the demesne at Hartest, Suffolk.
RecordedNames Bates117    Grim 10 (Grim)