Source: Textual EditionAgatho.Ep.B38

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Source Information
Part of Group popes.monastic privileges
Author Agatho
Source Title Letter to Abbot Hadrian
Date of composition 675 [=678], 15 May
Language Latin


*Considered spurious by many scholars. According to S. Kelly, this is the only one in a group of papal privileges for St Augustine's with possible authentic basis @Kelly, St Augustine's, p. lxiv.

Factoid List

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Event Agatho.Ep.B38    Æthelberht 3 founded the monastery of St Peter and St Paul just outside Canterbury and placed there a monastic community.
Event Agatho.Ep.B38    Following the request of Hadrian 2, Agatho 2 granted an apostolic privilege for the monastery of St Peter and St Paul at Canterbury.
Authorship Agatho.Ep.B38    Agatho 2 Author of a letter to Hadrian 3
Authorship Agatho.Ep.B38    Hadrian 2 Author of a letter to Agatho 2
Office Agatho.Ep.B38    Agatho 2 held office of Bishop
Office Agatho.Ep.B38    Hadrian 2 held office of Abbot
Office Agatho.Ep.B38    Æthelberht 3 held office of King
PersonInfo Agatho.Ep.B38    Agatho 2 servant of the servants of God
PersonInfo Agatho.Ep.B38    Æthelberht 3 first Christian king of the English
RecordedNames Agatho.Ep.B38    Agatho 2 (Agatho)
RecordedNames Agatho.Ep.B38    Hadrian 2 (Adrianus)
RecordedNames Agatho.Ep.B38    Æthelberht 3 (Athelbertus)