Source: Textual EditionConstantine.Ep.B129

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Source Information
Part of Group popes.monastic privileges
Author Pope Constantine I
Source Title Letter to Archbishop Beorhtwald
Date of composition 713
Language Latin


*The letter is considered to be spurious.

Factoid List

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Event Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 wrote to Beorhtwald 6 following Ecgwine 1's request for further protection for Evesham. The Pope made the monastery free from every exaction and granted the monks the right to choose their own abbot, either within the monastery or within the diocese of Worcester
Authorship Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 Author of a letter to Beorhtwald 6
Office Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 held office of Bishop
Office Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 held office of Pope
Office Constantine.Ep.B129    Beorhtwald 6 held office of Archbishop
Office Constantine.Ep.B129    Ecgwine 1 held office of Abbot
Personal Relationship Constantine.Ep.B129    Beorhtwald 6 was Brother of Constantine 1
Occupation Constantine.Ep.B129    Ęthelwald 12 Messenger
PersonInfo Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 servant of the servants of God
PersonInfo Constantine.Ep.B129    Ecgwine 1 venerable man
RecordedNames Constantine.Ep.B129    Constantine 1 (Constantinus)
RecordedNames Constantine.Ep.B129    Beorhtwald 6 (Brithwaldus)
RecordedNames Constantine.Ep.B129    Ecgwine 1 (Egwinus)
RecordedNames Constantine.Ep.B129    Ęthelwald 12 (Ethelwaldus)