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Source Information
Source Title The Laws of Ine
Language Old English / West-Saxon


*@Whitelock 1979 dates 688x694.


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
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Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen Liebermann, Felix Ine Halle 1903 89-123


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Whitelock, Dorothy The Laws of Ine London and New York 1979 398-407 (no. 32)

Factoid List

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Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Anonymi 723 held office of Counsellor
Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Ine 1 held office of King (King of the West Saxons)
Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Anonymi 722 held office of Ealdorman
Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Eorcenwald 1 held office of Bishop
Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Hædde 2 held office of Bishop
Event Ine.Laws  Prologue Ine 1, with the advice and instruction of his father, Cenred 1, and his bishops, Hædde 2 and Eorcenwald 1, along with his ealdormen [Anonymi 722] and the chief councillors [Anonymi 723] of his kingdom, and also a great assembly of the servants of God [Anonymi 724] inquired about the salvation of their souls and about the security of the kingdom, that true law and true statutes might be established and strengthened throughout their people, so that none of the ealdormen [Anonymi 722] or Ine 1's subjects might afterwards pervert these decrees
Office Ine.Laws  Prologue Anonymi 724 held office of Cleric
Personal Relationship Ine.Laws  Prologue Cenred 1 was Father of Ine 1
Occupation Ine.Laws    Anonymi 724
RecordedNames Ine.Laws    Ine 1 (Ine)
RecordedNames Ine.Laws    Cenred 1 (Cenred)
RecordedNames Ine.Laws    Hædde 2 (Hedde)
RecordedNames Ine.Laws    Eorcenwald 1 (Eorcenwold)