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Source Information
Source Title The Liber Vitae of Brescia
Date of composition c.850-c.875
Language Latin
Primary Source Information
Repository Biblioteca Queriniana
Country Italy
Manuscript location Brescia
Folio(s)/page(s) 27v, 31v
Additional information The folios which are here indicated are those containing relevant entries for the purposes of the Prosopograhy.
Siglum/accession no. G. VI. 7


For a discussion of the English names and the circumstances that led to their insertion in the Liber Vitae of Brescia, see @Keynes 1997, 'Anglo-Saxon entries in the "Liber Vitae" of Brescia', in Alfred the Wise. Studies in honour of Janet Bately on the occasion of her sixty-fifth birthday, ed. by J. Roberts, J.L. Nelson with M. Godden (Woodbridge, 1997), pp. 99-119.
*The date of composition refers to the period in which the English names are likely to have been entered: the first set of English names (folio 27v) were probably entered in the 850s, whereas the second set (folio 31v) was entered in the third quarter of the ninth century (see @Keynes 1997, pp. 107, 109.


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Der Memorial-und Liturgiecodex von San Salvatore/Santa Giulia in Brescia Geuenich, Dieter; Ludwig, Uwe Der Memorial-und Liturgiecodex von San Salvatore/Santa Giulia in Brescia Hannover 2000 167, 171

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