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King Æthelred to Athelney Abbey; grant of 3 perticae at Hamp, near Bridgewater, Somerset.

Charter information
Sawyer 921
Birch ---
Kemble 1306
British Academy ---
Source Used Kemble
Archive(s) Athelney
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 1009
Scholarly Source Dating 1009


*Bates, Athelney Register, pp. 146-7; Barker 1949, p. 73, may be genuine; Whitelock 1959, p. 82, cited; Finberg, ECW, no. 526, authentic, a note in the cartulary identifies the land with that in S 652; HRH, p. 235, probably genuine, subscriptions are consistent; Keynes 1980, p. 125 n. 135, p. 263, authentic; Keynes and Lapidge 1983, p. 271 n. 228, cited


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Bates, Edward Harbin Two Cartularies of the Benedictine Abbeys of Muchelney and Athelney in the County of Somerset   1899 146-7

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