Source: CharterS1378

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Æscwig, bishop of Dorchester, to Ælfric, archbishop, and Christ Church, Canterbury; return of land at Monks Risborough, Bucks., mortgaged to him by Archbishop Sigeric.

Charter information
Sawyer 1378
Birch ---
Kemble 690
British Academy ---
Source Used Kemble
Archive(s) Canterbury, Christ Church
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 995
Scholarly Source Dating 995


Sisam 1953, p. 158 n. 3, obviously untrustworthy; Gelling, ECTV, no. 156, spurious; Keynes 1980, p. 124 n. 132, spurious; Brooks 1984, p 384 n. 81, spurious; Lawson 1984, p. 728, cited; cf. S 882, 1487.

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