Source: CharterS319

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Ęthelwulf, king of the West Saxons and people of Kent, to Eadred; grant of land at Horton, near Canterbury, Kent, with consent that it should be partitioned and note of its purchase by Leofric.

Charter information
Sawyer 319
Birch 538
Kemble ---
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Canterbury, Christ Church
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 874
Scholarly Source Dating 844


*Stevenson 1904, p. 216 n. 1, a strange 11th-century charter; Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 222-3, on place-names; Bishop 1959, p. 94 n. 2, script entirely characteristic of the St Augustine's scriptorium of later 11th century, scribe also appears in BL Royal 6. C. i,; Whitelock 1979, p. 77, witness-list belongs to c. 840; Abels 1983; Kelly, St Augustine's, pp. xciv-v, on circumstances of production.

Notes: A charter of Ęthelwulf, perhaps dated 844, has been partly rewritten to incorporate details about the later ownership and division of the estate. This probably coincided with the confirmation by Archbishop Ęthelred (870 x 888) and others. The present MS is a much later copy of the emended charter. At some stage the incarnation year has been altered

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