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Æthelberht, king of the West Saxons, to the church of Sherborne; grant of privileges, with note that Æthelberht placed the charter on the high altar at Sherborne (A.D. 865, Good Friday).

Charter information
Sawyer 333
Birch 510
Kemble ---
British Academy O'Donovan, Sherborne No. 6
Source Used Brit_Ac
Archive(s) Sherborne
Source Information
Language Old English
Date from Source 26th December 864
Scholarly Source Dating 864


*Robertson, Charters, pp. 278-81, essentially identical to S 1032 from Horton; Stenton 1955, pp. 36, 46-7, probably genuine in substance, perhaps translation of Latin original; Finberg, ECW, no. 573, authentic; John 1966, p. 41 n.; Whitelock 1966, p. 101, close relationship to S 1032 needs explanation, p. 102; O'Donovan, Sherborne, pp. xxvii, 22-4, appears to be authentic, may have been composed in the vernacular, pp. 78-80, probable that S 1032 is based on S 333; Kitson 1991, p. 105, probably composed as a document in mid 11th century, even if it uses early material; Wormald 1992, p. 431, citing Whitelock, may be Alfredian-period translation by Bishop Wulfsige I of Sherborne; Keynes 1994/2, pp. 1123-31, esp. p. 1125 n. 3, probably free translation of Latin charter; Pelteret 1995, p. 307; Smyth 1995, pp. 378-9


Editor Article or Book Title Journal or Pub.Loc. Date pp.
Roberston, Agnes Jane Anglo-Saxon Charters Cambridge 1956 16-21 [no. 11]

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