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Edition information
Editors Dumville, David, and Keynes, Simon
Book Title The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: A Collaborative Edition
Series The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: A Collaborative Edition
Volume No 3
Publication Location Cambridge
Publisher D.S. Brewer
Publication Date 1986
Additional information
Notes *From 892 to 929 the date as entered by the second scribe of MS A has been incorrectly emended by a later hand by the addition of one year. The dates recorded in the PASE version of MS A report the original unemended dates. *The regnal list that originally formed part of MS B has become detached from its original manuscript and is now London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A.iii, fol. 178r). It is printed on pp. 56-8 of Simon Taylor's edition. This version contains later material than the A and G versions, continuing up to the reign of Edward the Martyr, unlike A and G, which conclude in the reign of Alfred the Great.
Additional PubInfo Vol. 3: MS A. Ed. J. M. (Janet M.) Bately. 1986. Pp. 1-100 Vol. 4:MS B. Ed. Simon Taylor. 1983 Vol. 5: MS C. Vol. 6: MS D. Vol. 7: MS E. Vol. 8: MS F. Vol. 9: MS G.