Translation Information Source: S98

Edition information
Translator Jones, Arthur Edward Ernest
Book Title Anglo-Saxon Worcester
Publication Location Worcester
Publisher Ebenezer Baylis
PublicationDate 1958
Pages 67
Additional information
Notes In the name of our Lord, the Saviour Christ, I, Ęthelbald, King of Mercia, have been asked by the venerable bishop Mildred to grant remission of all the dues pertaining to two ships to him and his holy community-to make this concession to those who serve the blessed Peter, chief of the apostles, in the monastery which is situated in the province of the Hwicce in the place called Worcester. To this request, I have granted my very gracious consent, for the salvation of my soul, upon condition that they would condescend to intercede continually with the Lord for my sins. Very gladly then I have granted them remission of all the dues on two ships which are exacted by the tax-gatherers in the harbour of London; and never shall I or my successors or tax-gatherers presume to change or oppose this. If they will not agree, they shall be excluded from participation in the body and blood of our Lord the Saviour Christ, and they shall be severed and sundered from all the fellowships of the faithful, unless they make amends for it here with intercession.